Wonderful Destinations for a New Year’s Eve Vacation

The world is finally speeding up its reopening for travel and adventure, and vacations are back on the menu. To help celebrate in style, now is a great time to start planning your best New Year’s Eve vacation ever.  A new year is a chance to shake off the old Read More

The Secret to Having the Best Trip of Your Life

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8 Things You Probably Forgot to Pack

Here at Awaken Travels we travel often ourselves, but we also hear a lot of travel stories. There are so many beautiful and inspiring stories of love and adventure, intrigue and exploration. But there are also the other stories…the stories of misadventures and forgetfulness. Oftentimes, these stories include forgetting something Read More

Exploring the Splendors of the Baltic Sea

Cruises come in many forms and are all great in their own ways. Whether you prefer an Alaskan cruise to see the glaciers, a Caribbean cruise to lounge on beaches, a European river cruise to visit some of the best wineries, or are a lover of all of the above, we think we Read More

The Best Adventure-Seeking Vacations

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How to Find True Happiness (Hint: It’s Not From Things)

Happiness is a part of life we all seek. Unfortunately, happiness is an abstract concept, and there’s no one single path to happiness. Much like smoke, often grasping at it merely makes it slip through your fingers and vanish. Yet, we continue to chase it endlessly nonetheless. We chase that Read More

The 10 Best Travel Apps for a Great Vacation

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6 Tips for Sleeping Well on Vacation

One of the last things people may consider when planning their dream vacation is sleep. We envision sandy beaches, excellent meals, and seeing the sights. But we don’t really think about getting quality sleep. However, sleep will almost certainly play a tremendous role in your happiness and level of enjoyment Read More

Budgeting Tips For Your 2021 Travel Plans

Many of us had our travel plans put on hold in 2020 due to the pandemic. We empathize with wanderlusters who were deprived of opportunities to explore last year. However, a new year has begun and hope is on the horizon for many as the COVID-19 vaccine is being distributed. Read More

Top Destination Wedding Tips from Couples

By now you know we’re huge fans of destination weddings. Jet-setting off to a far flung location to marry your forever partner is a fairytale come true for some. Not every couple feels this way and we agree that having a destination wedding isn’t for everyone. It does take some Read More