How to Outsmart the Scammers

We may not all agree on if pineapple belongs on pizza, but we can all agree that vacation is fantastic. What makes it even better? Getting a great deal on a vacation. And it’s not just getting a good price on flights and an overwater bungalow. It’s getting great value for adventures and activities once you’re there – from snorkeling to a spa day to the swim up bar at happy hour. The problem arises when scammers get involved, or anyone who doesn’t have your best interest in mind. Scammers love to work in areas like tourist zones where people

Where Americans Can Travel Right Now

We all could use a vacation right now. You may think there aren’t a lot of options available for international travel, but you might just be surprised. At the time of writing there are currently 61 countries open with no restrictions to travel for US citizens and a further 92 that are partially open with a variety of requirements due to Covid-19.  If you have an insatiable travel bug (like we do), this article is where you belong. To keep things easy for you, we’re showcasing the wide variety of options available to you for amazing and unforgettable travel adventures

The Best Camera for Your Vacation Might be a Phone

What’s a vacation without coming home with thousands of pictures? Most cameras worth bringing are cumbersome, fragile, and heavy to lug around. If you’re worried about packing space and keeping your luggage lightweight, you might be less than thrilled to pack a heavy, expensive, and easily breakable camera with you to your dream destination. The good news is that unless you are a professional photographer, you really don’t have to pack a camera with you on vacation. These days, your smartphone is very likely the best camera for your trip. Here are seven reasons why using your phone might be

5 Tips for an Incredible Micro-Wedding

This year has thrown us all off. Plans canceled, flights canceled, learning how to work from home while being a home-school teacher, chef, and entertainment coordinator. It’s been a heck of a year. But one trend we love that has come from this chaotic year is the micro-wedding. They’ve always been around – a special affair with a small number of your closest friends and family. But now that we’re all practicing social distancing, avoiding large crowds, and trying to gather outside, the micro-wedding has never been more in vogue. Just because the word “micro” is in the title doesn’t

How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Booking Travel Online

You’re probably here because you either love to travel or you’re looking to fall in love with travel. We can tell you there’s sooooo much to love about travel, whether you’re going on a huge international trip or taking a mini-vacation in your home state. But like all good things in life, sometimes travel can have some low points. And sometimes not every company you book with is looking out for your best interest. You’ve probably heard lots of horror stories of people who purchased tickets or vacation packages online and they didn’t get what they thought they were getting.

Take the Stress out of Leaving for Vacation

Vacation should be pure bliss. It’s indulging in everything you ordinarily say “no” to. Vacation is taking the stress out of your everyday life, serving as a break from all the things that keep you up at night. It’s the opportunity to take the biggest inhale and exhale of the year. Planning, packing, leaving the house, and actually getting to the vacation part, however, can often be stressful. So much so that you feel like you need a vacation from getting ready for this current vacation. And while you’ve taken a huge chunk of the stress out by entrusting us

The Ultimate Guide to Fiji’s Islands

Fiji is a dream destination for beach lovers, surf lovers, resort goers, divers, snorkelers, rainforest hikers, adventurers, and you. There is no shortage of things to do and sights to see. There is a reason why you’ve seen dozens of films and tv shows shot from here. Fiji is absolutely gorgeous. So now that you have found why the tropical paradise of Fiji is for you, we have one more small hurdle left in planning. You have 333 islands to choose from. Yes, Fiji is made up of 333 islands, many with their own unique feel and offerings. Luckily for

How One Couple Saved Their Honeymoon

All that remained of Rick and Tina’s perfect wedding was the cake in the freezer to eat on their anniversary. A few leftover ingredients from the s’mores bar that was a hit with the kids are also around and a whole lot of memories are wrapped up in close to a million pictures. Now it was time for an idyllic honeymoon in Bali. Except on Tuesday morning, the alarm didn’t go off and the happy couple woke up in a panic. Too late to make their flight to Los Angeles, this also meant they’d miss their connecting flight from Singapore

5 Reasons to Book a Bespoke Vacation

Have you ever sat down to plan a vacation, browsed some guides, looked at 80 pictures, checked a few flight options, and ended up in an overwhelming ball of sticky notes with different destinations written all over them? Bali looks nice, but what about the weather during August? Is the Caribbean really as beautiful as it looks or are those photos super altered? And do all of the hotel rooms have an ocean view or do some look into the parking lot? Vacation is amazing. But trudging through the planning stage can be a challenge. For the reasons we just