Five Must-Have Items to add to Your Packing List

You’re preparing for your next trip – like the one you’re getting ready for to visit relatives for Thanksgiving – and you’ve got your packing list in hand. The suitcase is open on the bed, and you’re going down the list of everything you’ll need to take on your trip.   Sandals? Check. Wind breaker? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Duct tape? Wait….what? Yup.  That’s right. You read that correctly. A small roll of duct tape takes up a tiny bit of space but can save your tuchas in about a million different ways. Patch a tear in your shoes, jacket, or Read More

7 Essential Steps in Choosing a Travel Destination

Whether you are travelling for leisure, education, or whatever you have in mind, you would want your trip to be a success. Of course, everything should start with the most ideal destination. However, choosing the best place where you will be spending your holiday amongst the many options out there can be overwhelming. Sometimes, your spirit is already willing to go, but you do not know exactly where you should go. You do not have to fret, though. Even seasoned travellers could find themselves in the same predicament. What’s important here is to be sharp in planning your trip. Here Read More

Travel Tips Quarterly

    Like our tips? Forward to a friend!   Trusted Tips from Your Travel Advisor at Awaken Travels Over 25 million people will take a cruise this year, and while these numbers are staggering, so is what the cruise industry is doing to attract and accommodate this growing, and increasingly demanding, clientele. Ships are larger and more spectacular than ever before, and with even the most budget-friendly cruise lines offering tiered service and an impressive list of amenities, what does it mean to take a luxury cruise these days? Of course, the definition of luxury is highly subjective, but Read More

Stumped about What to Get the Traveler in Your Life? Try These Ideas!

When it comes time to buy a travel-loving friend a gift, it’s easy to feel stuck on what to get. Journals are great — but not all travelers are journalers and those that are, often have at least a few blank ones on hand. Here are unique takes on classic ideas for the various kinds of travelers in your life. For the foodie: send delicious global flavors right to their doorstep.  Try The World partners with top chefs from Argentina to Morocco and assembles gorgeous boxes filled with curated delicacies from each country.  Delivered every other month, each box contains Read More

Ocean Vs. River Cruising: Which One Is Right for You?

When it comes to taking a cruise on river or ocean, it’s pretty tough to go wrong. Both offer incredible views, luxurious amenities, and the opportunity to explore interesting ports. But each one comes with its own unique perks, and depending on your specific needs for your next trip, you might find that one is a slightly better fit than the other. So what are the major differences? One big difference can be summed up in one word: intimacy. River cruises tend to be much smaller (190 max vs. up to 6,200 on the largest ocean cruises), and as a Read More

Five Easy Ways to Boost the Joy and Pleasure of Every Trip You Take

Ever feel stuck in a vacationing rut? Maybe you try out different places, but they all kind of seem the same. Maybe you find the planning exhausting. Maybe you stress out over small things so that your energy gets sapped. Maybe you cram too many things into too little time, and you come back more tired than when you left. Maybe you bring work with you, even when you say you’re not going to so that you wind up giving away precious vacationing hours to your job. I’m going to be bold and say: This is not what a vacation Read More

Souvenirs with Meaning

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought a trinket from a trip that you almost immediately forgot about. It’s a common experience! It’s easy to breeze through the duty-free area on your way home and pick up a few (dozen) chocolate bars — and sometimes that is just the right thing to do. I’ve certainly done it myself, so no judgment there. But if you love to dig around for souvenirs and gifts that have personal meaning and that reflect what was most meaningful to you about your trip, here are some fresh ideas to Read More

5 Questions for Choosing the Right Luggage for Your Next Trip

Almost all travelers have a Nightmare Luggage story. You spent a lot of money on a fancy brand-name bag that broke on the first leg of the trip. Or you skimped on the spending and got exactly what you paid for. Or the bag that you thought would be comfortable and versatile turned out to be neither as you dragged it over the cobblestones of Florence or humped it on aching shoulders through the crowded, narrow streets of Kathmandu. Choosing the wrong luggage can waste precious travel time and energy and can cause a lot of aches and pains. Choosing Read More

Hate Arriving at Your Destination with Wrinkled Clothes? Try These Packing Tips!

There’s something so defeating about carefully packing for a trip, only to arrive at your destination with a suitcase full of wrinkled shirts, pants, or skirts. While no packing method can be 100% wrinkle-proof, there are a few things that can affect the way your clothes move around in your suitcase, and can therefore have a direct effect on how wrinkled they get en route. Reduce Friction  Clothes get wrinkled essentially because the fibers stick slightly to one another, and then when the clothes shift around — especially when combined with a warm or humid environment in the suitcase — Read More

Dread Airport Lines? Try These Tricks

  We all know how it is. Any mention of the state of airport travel today — especially the lines and the TSA — will inevitably elicit groans of frustration, eye rolls, and a raft of stories of security nightmares. It’s true in many ways that traveling by plane in 2017 lacks much of the glamour and carefree effortless elegance of, say, 50 years ago. We live in a different world with much more complex problems that need to be addressed. But since you have to go through the lines and security no matter what — how about making it Read More