The Ultimate Guide to Fiji’s Islands

Fiji is a dream destination for beach lovers, surf lovers, resort goers, divers, snorkelers, rainforest hikers, adventurers, and you. There is no shortage of things to do and sights to see. There is a reason why you’ve seen dozens of films and tv shows shot from here. Fiji is absolutely gorgeous. So now that you have found why the tropical paradise of Fiji is for you, we have one more small hurdle left in planning. You have 333 islands to choose from. Yes, Fiji is made up of 333 islands, many with their own unique feel and offerings. Luckily for

How One Couple Saved Their Honeymoon

All that remained of Rick and Tina’s perfect wedding was the cake in the freezer to eat on their anniversary. A few leftover ingredients from the s’mores bar that was a hit with the kids are also around and a whole lot of memories are wrapped up in close to a million pictures. Now it was time for an idyllic honeymoon in Bali. Except on Tuesday morning, the alarm didn’t go off and the happy couple woke up in a panic. Too late to make their flight to Los Angeles, this also meant they’d miss their connecting flight from Singapore

5 Reasons to Book a Bespoke Vacation

Have you ever sat down to plan a vacation, browsed some guides, looked at 80 pictures, checked a few flight options, and ended up in an overwhelming ball of sticky notes with different destinations written all over them? Bali looks nice, but what about the weather during August? Is the Caribbean really as beautiful as it looks or are those photos super altered? And do all of the hotel rooms have an ocean view or do some look into the parking lot? Vacation is amazing. But trudging through the planning stage can be a challenge. For the reasons we just

U.S Ski Resorts for your Winter Vacation in 2021

Winter is coming – like it or not. In six short months, we’ll be trimming the Christmas tree, wondering why the outdoor lights worked for three seconds, and checking the tracking information on our packages 502 times per day. Even if you’re not a fan of the holidays or cold weather, there’s a lot to be enjoyed during winter. For starters, it’s one of our favorite times of the year to get married by celebrating the winter season, but it also means winter sports season is upon us. That could look like dusting off your skis, going on long snowshoe

How to Take a Summer Vacation This Year

As the temperature rises, we move closer to the first day of summer and the kids wrap up school for the year, we’re turning our excitement toward summer vacation. This summer is unique, of course, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our dreams of an overwater bungalow in the Caribbean are currently on hold, but that doesn’t mean all summer vacations need to be canceled. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite travel ideas for your summer vacation that still allow you to maintain proper social distancing. These are our favorite ways to still enjoy summer, relax on vacation, and stay

9 Travel Gadgets to Pack on Your Next Trip

While we spend our days dreaming of where to travel to next, we’re also looking for ways to perfect our packing list. Not going anywhere today? Go ahead and try out some travel outfits. Time at home is the perfect opportunity to test out what you’ll pack for your next trip. It’s also a fun time to discover new gadgets that might make your next trip even better than planned. Just like you wouldn’t book a vacation to a place you’d never heard of or researched, we think it’s equally important to not pack something unless you know it’s useful

15 Tips for the Perfect Road Trip

Are we there yet? How much further? Are we going to be in the car all day? Someone needs to pee…again. Road trips can be the best vacations or sometimes the vacations we need a vacation from. But when done right, a road trip can be exactly what you were hoping for on a vacation. Seeing new parts of the country, new foods, resorts, and experiences – all at your own pace. Here are our top 15 tips for the perfect road trip. Get your car checked out You’re on your way to Grand Canyon National Park when the car

Why You Should Be Taking Mini Vacations

Think about vacation. Close your eyes and imagine yourself on your dream vacation. Are you on a beach somewhere drinking out of a coconut? Hiking through an alpine meadow in Switzerland? Sampling champagne in the Champagne region of France? On a road trip through Alaska? Jot down where you find yourself and bookmark it as something to plan. But later. Right now we’re focusing on not taking that weeks-long dream trip that will require a few years to save for. Now we’re focusing on mini-vacations. Short trips that refresh, reinvigorate and give you the perfect touch of vacation bliss. Luckily

13 Money-Saving Smartphone Apps for Your Summer Travel

Summer months are quickly approaching and we couldn’t be more ready for the sun, warmth, and time on the beach. As you plan your amazing getaways, here’s a helpful list of our favorite smartphone apps for summer 2020. These will get you organized, help you find great deals, share itineraries with multiple parties, and save you money along the way, making for the perfect vacation recipe. Summer bliss, coming right up! 1. Waze Whether your trip involves a lot of road travel, or you just want to find a faster way to get to places in your own city, consider