How to Plan a Family Vacation for Multiple Generations

So you’ve decided to plan a family trip that includes several generations – a chance for the entire family to spend time together. Not only is this a nice “Thank You” to those who may have played a role in raising you, it’s often fulfilling to spend quality time with family or friends that you might not get the opportunity to connect with as often as you once did. This is also the ideal time to get a picture for the holiday card without nagging everyone and buying matching Christmas sweating! But of course this type of trip planning can Read More

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling to a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are fantastic for couples who want to put a charming twist on a traditional ceremony. According to the travel guide company Trip Savvy, 25 percent of married couples tie the knot somewhere that isn’t in their hometown. There are many reasons why destination weddings are appealing: they offer a bonding opportunity for both sides of the family and couples can exchange vows in a picturesque location. However, it can be stressful to manage your health during these trips — especially if you don’t have that much experience traveling. Here are the top 6 tips for staying healthy at Read More

Top June Honeymoon Destinations

June is a beautiful month for honeymoons. Destinations the world over are warming up, many of the hot tourist spots are blowing off the dust of the off season and ramping up to full-season mode. June is when many of the biggest spots will have everything open, active, and ready for your perfect romantic getaway. They are rolling out the red carpets to their cities, and you will be their guests of honor. This also can come with a few considerations as well. June is when schools begin their summer breaks, and families begin vacationing in full force. The beginning Read More

8 Tips for When Vacation is Over

We all love planning and preparing for the trip of our dreams, and here at Awaken Travels we have many resources for doing just that, but what about when that dream vacation has come to an end? We all must return home eventually, and we’re here to help. That familiar crash that is landing back at home when the dream vacation is over. Desperately try to grab a few hours of sleep during the time that would have been lunchtime just yesterday. Jump in the car without your coffee because you didn’t have time to buy any last night. Rush Read More

How to be the Best Travel Companion

Whether you’re going for a couple weeks or even several months together, there are some basic elements that are critical to making travel with someone else successful.  Ashlea Halpern is an editor at Traveler magazine who recently spent a year globetrotting with her boyfriend. Here are some of her best tips for making it work so you can come back from your journey with a stronger relationship than ever. Get clear on what you’re good at and what you’re not good at — and play up each other’s strengths. You might be awesome at small details, or you might be Read More

October bridal / wedding / honeymoon headlines

Bridal Guide recommends hotels around the world with the most amazing views. Yahoo! says Millennials are killing off these wedding traditions. shares wedding etiquette questions that many people are afraid to ask. Destination I Do captures the latest trends in bridal jewelry. Check out this amazing wedding reception flash mob. This couple added an incentive to encourage early wedding RSVPs: Miss the deadline, and you’d better bring your own chair and sandwich. Croatia may be the next “it” destination for honeymoons, according to BRIDES. Share these honeymoon tips from Bridal Guide with your couples for taking perfect photos and Read More

How to Participate in “Pack for a Purpose”

Before you toss that extra sweater into your suitcase that you’re definitely not gonna need on a Caribbean vacation, consider instead packing some school supplies, English books, or some band-aids to donate to the local community. Sandals, which operates some of our favorite resorts, has partnered with local organizations in a number of countries to help the community thrive. The program is called “Pack for a Purpose” and Sandals has made it incredibly easy to give something back to the people of the area you’re visiting while on vacation. How to Pack for a Purpose The idea of volunteering while Read More

The Best Cruises for Families

A family vacation, although exciting, can sometimes come with far too much planning. We don’t all have time for the weeks of researching, strategizing, and making certain you booked the hotel for the right number of nights. Don’t forget the rental car for the last day so you can actually get everybody back to the airport. Is that trunk big enough for everyone’s luggage? Where are we supposed to rent snorkelling gear? Is the pool open this time of year? Once the plane takes off, the real stress begins – attempting to keep everyone entertained, out of trouble and happily Read More

Best Places to Honeymoon in July

Late June and early July are often the perfect time for a wedding. The weather is likely to be sunny and warm regardless of where you choose to have the ceremony or reception. Aside from the nice weather, the kids are out of school and families are more available to travel to your venue. People love, expect, and plan for the much anticipated annual summer wedding season.  A wedding during this time with a honeymoon immediately after means you’re probably aiming for a July honeymoon. Luckily for you, we have some great and creative recommendations to help you find that Read More

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

We take a risk every time we walk out the front door. It could be a quick trip to the store to buy the carrots you forgot were a necessary ingredient for carrot cake. Or it could be something bigger, like an African safari. Risks are everywhere. Heck, even the staircase to the bedroom can be dangerous! But in most cases, risks pale in comparison to sitting in a fully confined and bubble-wrapped world. There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. What to Consider While traveling domestically or internationally, vacationers should be aware of a few things. Read More