9 Things to Know About Your US Passport

From fresh oysters in the Pacific Northwest to the glam of Miami, Florida and everything in between  – the U.S. offers incredible places to take a vacation. But if your holiday dreams include sipping wine in a Parisian cafe, swimming with whale sharks in Thailand, or climbing Mt. Fuji in Japan, you’ll need a magical blue book – a U.S. passport. Your passport is your identification ticket to world-wide exploration. If you’ve never had a U.S. passport before, you’ll find all of the following tips helpful. If you’re a seasoned traveler who’s filled several passports before, you still might find Read More

No gym? No problem. A 20-Minute Workout You Can do Anywhere.

Whether you’re hauling bags through airport terminals, sitting for hours and hours on a plane or bus, or sleeping in different (and sometimes uncomfortable) beds — the toll that traveling can take on your body can be significant. It’s not uncommon for frequent travelers to experience back and joint pain, neck strains, and tension headaches. Because we all know every aspect of travel isn’t Instagram-worthy. Some hotels have gym areas, but not all do, and quality and availability of equipment can vary greatly. Add to that the fact that you’re usually away from a full kitchen, are probably eating (awesome) Read More

January Bridal / Wedding / Honeymoon Headlines

Honeymooning in Madeira (Portugal) is a great option in 2020, says. Destination I Do shares the best locations for holiday honeymoons. offers its 2020 wedding trends guide – and, it suggests things to consider about inviting kids to a wedding. Here are the 22 best places for a Destination Wedding, according to Harper’s Bazaar (plus, its picks for the 10 top wedding trends in 2020). BRIDES jumps in too with 10 stunning Destination Wedding locations (the article says 2018 but it was just updated) – and, it posted this list of the 35 best wedding dress designs from Read More

Get to Know Us: Our Interview with ABC

Last October we had the honor of sitting down for an interview with ABC! Two of our travel specialists, Teri and Vijal, were featured on Sonoran Living, explaining why everyone can benefit from using a travel agent. Check out the interview below: To go into a bit more detail, here’s what the Hard Rock limitless all-inclusive details: There’s no cap on what’s included in your stay, meaning that all hotel amenities are included in your booking fee. The resort asks for a 25 percent service fee. Like Vijal mentioned in the video, this means your $100 spa treatment would cost Read More

Tips for Building an Affordable Travel Wardrobe

When you’re setting out on an adventure you want to be sure you’re well-prepared. Your packing essentials might differ from destination to destination or even based on the things you have planned for each trip. Avoid unnecessary costs by following these tips on building an affordable travel-ready wardrobe.  Investing in Classics There are a few staple items that make up the cornerstone of a lasting and flexible wardrobe. Owning flexible items means that you are getting your money’s worth out of your closet and you aren’t having to go buy new clothing before every trip. Whether you’re a business traveler Read More

5 Family Trips to Take Before the Kids Grow Up

Someones backpack is lost, your youngest has decided cereal for breakfast is worse than taking a bath, and the coffee pot is making gurgling noises that sound like a gremlin with the flu. Just a normal morning. It’s only natural this may lead you to think that taking the kids on a vacation while they’re young is an insane idea and would take far more energy than a dying coffee machine could provide. It’s true that getting everyone packed and on a trip can be a lot of work, but without question, the U.S. holds incredible destinations that beg for Read More

Our Top 4 Locations for a Honeymoon in May

May is a breath of warm spring air. Not quite summer heat in North America, but certainly clear of the hibernation winter months, and mostly out of the “spring showers” phase. May makes for a great month to honeymoon with ideal temperatures in some of our favorite destinations for romance or adventure, whichever your style may be. A great month to get away since school is still in session, your May honeymoon could stay within the U.S. or venture across an ocean, sure to be memorable and perfect in whichever destination you decide on. Here are four of our favorite Read More

Top Vacation Destinations by Month

With so many places to cross off the wish list and so many things on our bucket lists, choosing the perfect destination for a vacation is perhaps the most difficult part of planning it. From the budget to the kind of activities you are looking forward to indulging in, a lot needs to be considered when it comes to choosing a vacation destination. Are you looking for an all-inclusive experience, a dreamy beach vacation, or train trip in Europe?  Sometimes, it’s best to tie your vacation with the months of the year. It is a surefire way to make sure Read More

Winter Wedding Ideas to Celebrate the Season

Winter is perhaps the most underrated wedding season. While most couples dream of sunny summer ceremonies, autumn foliage pictures, or spring garden wedding, winter gets less attention. Some couples, however, recognize the untapped potential of a winter wedding. Think snowy mountains, hot chocolate bars, toasts given by the cozy fireplace, gorgeous garland, and rich wedding colors. Whether you’re drawn to snowy peaks, chapels draped with a dusting of snow, a wedding party snowshoeing adventure, or enjoying a warm beverage by the fireplace, these romantic touches might be just what you’re looking for in a winter wedding. A destination winter wedding Read More

December Bridal / Wedding / Honeymoon Headlines

This noted wedding planner shares tips for putting together a great destination wedding ceremony. Bridal Guide collects these 50 super-creative wedding ideas – and, it suggests tips for planning a honeymoon in Bali. recommends strategies for planning the perfect marriage proposal. This bride and two bridesmaids got a Code 3 escort to the ceremony after their limo got stuck in Los Angeles traffic. Bridal Guide suggests Caribbean options for honeymoon couples who can’t agree on where to go – plus, it posted this list of European and U.S. road trips for honeymooners. Planning a proposal on a major holiday? Read More