Destinations for a September Honeymoon

As crunchy leaves begin to fall on evening walks with the dog and we wave a fond farewell to long summer nights in the backyard, September rolls in to mark the beginning of autumn. It’s back to school time and a time to begin preparations for the upcoming holiday season. But if you’re a newlywed or looking to celebrate your love, September is the perfect month to take a romantic honeymoon. Our top five picks for where to take a September honeymoon has something for every couple—  from those who want to hike mountains to those looking for luxury resorts Read More

How to Take a Summer Vacation This Year

As the temperature rises, we move closer to the first day of summer and the kids wrap up school for the year, we’re turning our excitement toward summer vacation. This summer is unique, of course, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our dreams of an overwater bungalow in the Caribbean are currently on hold, but that doesn’t mean all summer vacations need to be canceled. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite travel ideas for your summer vacation that still allow you to maintain proper social distancing. These are our favorite ways to still enjoy summer, relax on vacation, and stay Read More

9 Travel Gadgets to Pack on Your Next Trip

While we spend our days dreaming of where to travel to next, we’re also looking for ways to perfect our packing list. Not going anywhere today? Go ahead and try out some travel outfits. Time at home is the perfect opportunity to test out what you’ll pack for your next trip. It’s also a fun time to discover new gadgets that might make your next trip even better than planned. Just like you wouldn’t book a vacation to a place you’d never heard of or researched, we think it’s equally important to not pack something unless you know it’s useful Read More

The Best Destination Wedding Venues in the US

A destination wedding is a dream for some couples. A beach in Mexico, a chalet wedding in the mountains of Switzerland, a chapel in Jamaica, or a ski resort in Canada. We’re up for any of those incredible destination wedding venues. If, however, you’re looking for a destination wedding that stays within the United States, your options are plentiful. A few advantages of a destination wedding without leaving the country would be the ease of domestic travel not requiring a passport (if, for example, Grandma Betty isn’t gonna get one no matter how easy you assure her the process will Read More

May Bridal / Wedding / Honeymoon Headlines

Martha Stewart Weddings shares six reasons why your couples should get legally married before their wedding days. BRIDES breaks down the costs of a Destination Wedding and shares its ultimate honeymoon packing list – plus, it posted this story about eloping as an option for delayed ceremonies. explains why weekday weddings will grow more popular. Bridal Guide suggests New York’s Hudson Valley for romantic getaways. This British couple donated the food from their canceled wedding to feed more than 400 workers at two different hospitals. “‘Do I give a gift if it’s a virtual wedding?’” (McCall) “The Era of Read More

15 Tips for the Perfect Road Trip

Are we there yet? How much further? Are we going to be in the car all day? Someone needs to pee…again. Road trips can be the best vacations or sometimes the vacations we need a vacation from. But when done right, a road trip can be exactly what you were hoping for on a vacation. Seeing new parts of the country, new foods, resorts, and experiences – all at your own pace. Here are our top 15 tips for the perfect road trip. Get your car checked out You’re on your way to Grand Canyon National Park when the car Read More

The Best Places for an October Honeymoon

As the crisp fall air settles, pumpkin-spice flavored everything shows up, and the pile of leaves to rake in the yard becomes overwhelming, it’s a great time to head out on a honeymoon. Late summer and early fall weddings are some of the most spectacular celebrations, adding to the allure of an October honeymoon. Plus, it’s the perfect time to escape with just the two of you before the chaotic holiday season starts and you can’t remember the last time you two sat down for a proper dinner together. Here are our top five picks for an October honeymoon. Our Read More

9 Tips to Plan the Best Bachelorette Party

Whether you’re the bride, the maid of honor in charge of planning the bachelorette party or a lucky attendee, you’re definitely hoping this is a party to remember. A true celebration of the bride, everyone involved is invested in making sure this is a perfect party. The party is an ideal excuse to spend some time with great friends and to celebrate one special bride-to-be who has found her perfect match. The planning part, however, can get a bit daunting. A surprising amount of details and coordination are involved with planning the best possible bachelorette party. Just like all of Read More

Fun Ideas for Your Wedding Reception Menu

When organizing our own wedding, a major focus is on a wedding dress, of course. Right after the endless white gown ideas, browsing through bride magazines, online sites and fittings, organizing fun bachelorette and bachelor parties and recovering from the party, the focus passes on a wedding day reception. What kind of wedding dinner setting to choose, how to satisfy all our guests and most of all: how to make the best impression on our friends and relatives. Sounds challenging? It doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips and tricks so the dining portion of your wedding will come Read More

Take a Trip to Make a Difference

One thing we likely all can agree on when we travel is that we want the money we spend in the beautiful destinations we choose to be used to better the local area and the world. Nobody wants their favorite travel spot to be spoiled by tourism. Here we’ll highlight a number of ways at home and abroad that can make your journey one of betterment for both yourself and those living at your destination. Make your money count for good Eat local Who needs Starbucks anyway? Often if you get just a few streets off of the main tourist Read More