How to Stay Inspired to Travel

If you’ve made it here, you probably miss traveling as much as we do. It’s a deep ache that hurts even more when we hit “cancel” on that airline reservation. Or when friends email that their destination wedding is being postponed. If you’ve canceled your birthday trip to Greece, anniversary celebration in the Bahamas and your road trip with the kids, we’re grieving with you. And if, like us, you find yourself scrolling through not only Instagram, your own travel pictures, we understand. The covid-19 pandemic hasn’t been a friend to anyone, and we’ve all sacrificed and put a lot Read More

Why You Should Be Taking Mini Vacations

Think about vacation. Close your eyes and imagine yourself on your dream vacation. Are you on a beach somewhere drinking out of a coconut? Hiking through an alpine meadow in Switzerland? Sampling champagne in the Champagne region of France? On a road trip through Alaska? Jot down where you find yourself and bookmark it as something to plan. But later. Right now we’re focusing on not taking that weeks-long dream trip that will require a few years to save for. Now we’re focusing on mini-vacations. Short trips that refresh, reinvigorate and give you the perfect touch of vacation bliss. Luckily Read More

Where to go on Your January Honeymoon

What better way to start the new year off than taking a honeymoon in January. Whether you’re looking to escape the winter weather by heading somewhere warm and tropical, or you’re looking to celebrate the weather and find a snowy paradise, we have some suggestions for you. These are five of our favorite spots for a January honeymoon that span a range of interests, budget and weather. The world awaits! The Maldives Calling all swimmers, snorkelers, divers, beach lovers and beach loungers searching for a honeymoon location that highlights this said beach life, you two belong in the Maldives. January Read More

13 Money-Saving Smartphone Apps for Your Summer Travel

Summer months are quickly approaching and we couldn’t be more ready for the sun, warmth, and time on the beach. As you plan your amazing getaways, here’s a helpful list of our favorite smartphone apps for summer 2020. These will get you organized, help you find great deals, share itineraries with multiple parties, and save you money along the way, making for the perfect vacation recipe. Summer bliss, coming right up! 1. Waze Whether your trip involves a lot of road travel, or you just want to find a faster way to get to places in your own city, consider Read More

Stuck at Home? Start Planning Your Next Vacation

Are you reading this from your couch? Scrolling through posts searching for some relief from the real world? Taking a break from working from home? Daydreaming about less stressful days? We are, too. With the world flipped upside down, staying happy, healthy and sane is oh so important. Streaming movies is part of this. So is cuddling up with a good book and a perfect cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine. It’s finally starting that jigsaw puzzle you got two Christmases ago. What are we doing? We’re daydreaming about travel, of course! Maybe your next vacation isn’t Read More

March Bridal / Wedding / Honeymoon Headlines

BRIDES shared its top 50 honeymoon destination picks for 2020, as well as its choices for the 6 best Mexico resorts for Destination Weddings and the 8 best Florida hotels for honeymooners. Bridal Guide suggests “storybook” honeymoon ideas, “foodie” honeymoon options, and tips for honeymoons in Rome (plus, this roundup of fresh ideas for beach weddings). offered these tips to help you pick and guide your wedding videographer. Here’s the latest father-daughter wedding dance video that’s gone viral. Bridal Guide recommends options for honeymoons in the south of France – plus, its picks for the world’s most romantic dining Read More

8 Tips to Plan a Great Family Reunion

Your people, clan, team, bloodline – your family. The people who come first in your life, maybe even before yourself. They’re the people you go on vacation with or the people you call daily when you’re on vacation with friends. And occasionally family is the reason why you need a vacation. But every few years there’s a magical time when you all head to a getaway together – the family reunion. It’s a time to catch up, to really check in with everyone (because texting only half counts), to slow down and enjoy each other’s company. Sounds like a relaxing Read More

The Best Places for a December Honeymoon

Whether you’re having a festive winter wedding or you’ve waited to take your honeymoon over winter break, December is one of our favorite times to set off on a romance-filled honeymoon. Magic is really in the air in December with holiday excitement that spans from European Christmas markets to tropical beaches in Asia to safaris in Africa. Take your pick of empty tropical beaches or charming cities dressed up for Christmas and New Year celebrations. While December is a popular month for vacations, don’t let this discourage you from taking a seriously amazing honeymoon during this month. It will just Read More

Romantic and Dreamy Ways to Declare Your Wedding Vows

Imagine saying “I do” to the love of your life amid crystal blue waters softly splashing around you and glistening sunshine on your face – does it get more dreamy and romantic? With a majority of people striving towards a lavish destination wedding, almost everyone dreams of having an exotic and memorable wedding. And why not? Weddings are one of the most special and important events in our lives. Such a special time definitely calls for a unique and memorable location. Everyone should be able to remember their wedding day as one of the most romantic days. A huge part Read More

Overwater Bungalows: A Tropical Paradise

Are you a beach person? Someone who feels the world’s stress melts away when you’re gazing into emerald waters while standing on sugar sand? Someone who always looks for the resort that is directly on the beach, rather than across the street from the beach? Do you have Google flight alerts set for every tropical beach you love? If you answered yes to any or all of these, your next vacation should probably include an overwater bungalow. That, my friend, is as close as you can get to the water – on top of it. And when you feel like Read More