The Ultimate Guide to Fiji’s Islands

Fiji is a dream destination for beach lovers, surf lovers, resort goers, divers, snorkelers, rainforest hikers, adventurers, and you. There is no shortage of things to do and sights to see. There is a reason why you’ve seen dozens of films and tv shows shot from here. Fiji is absolutely gorgeous. So now that you have found why the tropical paradise of Fiji is for you, we have one more small hurdle left in planning. You have 333 islands to choose from. Yes, Fiji is made up of 333 islands, many with their own unique feel and offerings. Luckily for

Your Custom Vacation in Fiji: Namale Resort and Spa

One of the most common questions we get from travelers is, “How do I choose where to go on vacation?!” The options are honestly overwhelming. Take into account time of year, weather, budget, distance/travel time to get to a given location (3 layovers? really?), and it all becomes a little stressful. Really how in the world can anyone decide on where in the world to take a dream vacation? You can scroll Instagram until your fingers hurt looking for destination inspiration. Or you can take our word and head to Namale Resort and Spa in Fiji – one of our

How One Couple Saved Their Honeymoon

All that remained of Rick and Tina’s perfect wedding was the cake in the freezer to eat on their anniversary. A few leftover ingredients from the s’mores bar that was a hit with the kids are also around and a whole lot of memories are wrapped up in close to a million pictures. Now it was time for an idyllic honeymoon in Bali. Except on Tuesday morning, the alarm didn’t go off and the happy couple woke up in a panic. Too late to make their flight to Los Angeles, this also meant they’d miss their connecting flight from Singapore

July Bridal / Wedding / Honeymoon Headlines

Destination I Do recommends “must have” clothing items for honeymooning brides. Due to Covid-19, microweddings and minimonies may be here to stay … and, this New York Times article concurs. Bridal Guide shares ideas for making small weddings spectacular – plus, it’s collected great suggestions for beach weddings and this checklist of wedding day timing dos and don’ts. More couples have asked wedding guests to “unplug” at their ceremonies (before Covid-19 disrupted so many weddings, that is). If you think you’re under pressure these days, check out this wedding where a bride is glued to her laptop instead of the

Everything you need to know about visiting Fiji

We all want the most out of vacation. When we sit at home and envision our ideal trip, we want vacation to be magical with great weather, fun activities, endless memories and smiles all around. And a large part of the success of a vacation is dependent on the location. Otherwise it’s like trying to make a beautiful cake out of a heap of eggs and sugar with no flour. One of our very favorite locations to ensure your vacation is absolutely worth your time and money is the lovely island nation of Fiji. And “lovely” can be applied to

Jamaica Destination Wedding Inspiration: Kristin and Salvatore

Kristin and Salvatore didn’t initially plan on having a wedding at all, let alone a destination wedding. They’ve been together for years and share a home with their three daughters. It’s a well-established relationship and lifestyle. For years their lives have already looked like they were happily married with a family, happily settled in at home.  But with neither having traveled outside of the country before, they decided it was time for a big trip. Something totally new and foreign to them – somewhere international.  “I wanted to go on a vacation. Let’s go somewhere we’ve never been. Let’s get

5 Reasons to Book a Bespoke Vacation

Have you ever sat down to plan a vacation, browsed some guides, looked at 80 pictures, checked a few flight options, and ended up in an overwhelming ball of sticky notes with different destinations written all over them? Bali looks nice, but what about the weather during August? Is the Caribbean really as beautiful as it looks or are those photos super altered? And do all of the hotel rooms have an ocean view or do some look into the parking lot? Vacation is amazing. But trudging through the planning stage can be a challenge. For the reasons we just

How to plan an incredible vacation in Turkey

Turkey offers an incredible fusion of different cultures. Thanks to its location straddling Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Turkey enjoys the best of both continents in terms of culture, festivals, architecture, and natural beauty. Throughout history, the region has been ruled by many civilizations. Every era left a prominent mark in shaping the beautiful Turkish culture and architecture – no wonder the country is extremely diverse today and offers a unique blend of ancient cultures and contemporary lifestyle. From icy mountain peaks that are fit for skiing to deserts perfect for spending a cozy night beneath a sky full of

June Bridal / Wedding / Honeymoon Headlines

Bridal Guide suggests its picks for the top all-inclusives in the United States. The New York Times offers advice for couples postponing their weddings due to Covid-19. This Irish couple got matching tattoos of their Oct. 16, 2020 wedding date – then, Covid-19 hit. Actor Hugh Grant (“Four Weddings and a Funeral,” “Love Actually”) wants to attend some lucky fan’s virtual wedding. Skift asks what will happen to “supersize” South Asian weddings in the Covid-19 era. Here’s the story behind that famous media photo this week of a bride and groom in Philadelphia standing with Black Lives Matter protesters. Dance