Five Must-Have Items to Add to Your Packing List

You’re preparing for your next trip – like the one you’re getting ready for to visit relatives for Thanksgiving – and you’ve got your packing list in hand. The suitcase is open on the bed, and you’re going down the list of everything you’ll need to take on your trip. Sandals? Check. Wind breaker? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Duct tape? Wait….what? Yup.  That’s right. You read that correctly. A small roll of duct tape takes up a tiny bit of space but can save your tuchas in about a million different ways. Patch a tear in your shoes, jacket, or trusty Read More

Reconnecting your soul: The Spiritual Awakening Journey Vacation

Researchers speculate that the surge in spiritual awakening journeys involve several factors.  We see a lot of people searching for … something.  Something intangible.  This something can range from our challenging work-life balances to the current global popularity of Pope Francis. Bestselling books like Eat, Pray, Love and Wild can make a spiritual awakening adventure seem like a relatively new phenomenon, but as author Lori Erickson points out, “People have been making treks to holy sites for millennia — in fact, these types of locations are probably the oldest form of tourism.” The stereotype of the spiritual awakening seeker-traveler is Read More

Ghostly Gallivanting: A Look at the World’s Most Haunted Places

If you’re into encounters of the spine-tingling variety, you’re part of a small but passionate group of travelers. “Paranormal Travel” enthusiasts participate regularly in online forums, and there’s even a small cottage industry that specializes in highlighting travel to spooky destinations. If this interests you or someone you know, here’s a quick list of some of the world’s reportedly most haunted places. Castle of Good Hope, Capetown, South Africa. This place has some of the standard ghosts — a man who reportedly walks the ramparts, and a crying woman whose haunting ceased when her body was discovered in later excavations. Read More

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Family

It takes a lot of work to get ready for a family trip, even if you have a travel agent doing the planning and booking for you. Choosing the right places and activities, all while trying to maintain some semblance of your normal routine, especially if you have younger kids — can be a real challenge. In the hectic pace of everything, it can be easy to forget the bigger reasons families choose to travel with their children: to enrich their lives, expand their emotional and cultural horizons, and help them become better global citizens. So it’s great to encourage Read More

Bridal / Wedding / Honeymoon Headlines

BRIDES suggests Destination Wedding venues in Miami Beach and in frozen locales – plus, honeymoon options in Bali and each of the 50 U.S. states …   USA Today recommends six Los Cabos honeymoon resorts …   Bridal Guide profiles seven “over the top” Destination Wedding ideas and the latest wedding dress trends …   Destination I Do promotes this eco-friendly line of wedding stationery … Finally, says not having a bridal party may be a great option for you … Read More

Bridal / Wedding / Honeymoon Headlines

Travel + Leisure profiles 14 off-the-beaten-path honeymoon islands … Bridal Guide shares this inspirational gallery of nighttime wedding photos … Check this list of eight beautiful U.S. vineyards that host DW ceremonies … BRIDES recommends these eco-friendly honeymoon suites … Finally, People posted this story of a couple in Puerto Rico who felt they just had to go ahead with their DW plans on the island despite ongoing hurricane recovery efforts … Read More

7 Essential Steps in Choosing a Travel Destination

Whether you are travelling for leisure, education, or whatever you have in mind, you would want your trip to be a success. Of course, everything should start with the most ideal destination. However, choosing the best place where you will be spending your holiday amongst the many options out there can be overwhelming. Sometimes, your spirit is already willing to go, but you do not know exactly where you should go. You do not have to fret, though. Even seasoned travellers could find themselves in the same predicament. What’s important here is to be sharp in planning your trip. Here Read More

There’s No Place like Home

When I was a kid, the image that came to mind when I heard “bed and breakfast” was one of an old house filled with antiques, soft four-poster beds, a wandering cat or an old sleepy dog on the property, maybe run by a sweet elderly couple. While this image certainly has its own kind of rustic charm, it should be said that the bed and breakfast have evolved significantly in the last several decades. In fact, many B&Bs today provide all of the plush luxury of a hotel — plus the added bonus of more privacy, more personal attention, Read More

Bridal / Wedding / Honeymoon Headlines

Bridal Guide posts honeymoon ideas in Madrid and a glimpse of the beer and wine scene in Mexico – plus, these ideas for photos brides can take with their wedding shoes … BRIDES offers big-city options for “urban escape” honeymoons … Lonely Planet reviews the 2018 Pinterest survey showing the most popular honeymoon destinations this year … USA Today   shares its picks of the best romantic resorts in the Bahamas… Is it OK to invite anyone to a bridal show or pre-wedding party who’s not also invited to the DW? Here’s the etiquette answer … Finally, here’s another royal wedding – the first couple to get married in the Las Vegas White Castle fast-food joint … Have a great week! Read More

Bridal / Wedding / Honeymoon Headlines

Bridal Guide suggests “volunteer tourism” destinations for honeymooners – plus, this gallery of 50 wedding photos guaranteed to make you shed a tear … How have honeymoons changed through the years? This article shows you how, decade by decade (in the 1920s, honeymoons were all about the groom) … BRIDES lists the top 10 wedding trends observed by the popular Joy wedding planning app (check #4 – DWs are only getting more popular!) – plus, it offers etiquette advice for bridal showers … Beyond the glossy images for the wedding album, this photo collection captures what really happens on a typical wedding day … captures these ideas for creative guestbook alternatives … Finally, Destination I Do recommends these wedding day skin Read More