What Makes Us Different

At Awaken Travels, we’re travel specialists, providing you with concierge service and white glove handling of your vacation. We have the knowledge and the experience needed to craft a once in a lifetime experience for you. We are a family-owned business that is here to support you and our community.

We guarantee:

  • Our Rates are Competitive
  • We Take the Stress of Planning a Vacation (Pack & Go)
  • You Will Obtain VIP Status When You Travel with Us
  • We Will Craft A Unique Experience Especially For You

Awaken Travels plans custom dream vacations including: destination weddings, honeymoons, anniversary vacations, engagement trips, baby-moons, adult only vacations, bespoke travel experiences, cruises, group travel, family vacations, hotel reservations, travel insurance, and excursions.

Our Staff

Hi, my name is Cindi, and I am the owner and manager of Awaken Travels. I have a deep love and appreciation for travel but my heart belongs to Fiji. I try to travel there annually and enjoy sending my clients to my favorite destination in the world. I believe in continuing education within the hospitality industry and I attend educational conferences, expos, and educational training several times a year to keep me sharp and updated on the newest trends in travel. I have been working in the travel field for over a decade and decided to launch my own company, Awaken Travels in 2015.

I live in Tennessee with my husband and best friend, Nate, my daughter Toria, and all our wonderful fur-babies and chickens.

Specialty: Fiji

Contact: [email protected]

My name is Teri Piasecki. I am a wife, mother of 4, PE teacher, certified personal trainer, and a self proclaimed fitness addict. This past winter my husband and I crossed off one of our many “bucket-list” trips to Europe, spending time in Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, and London. That’s where it happened, I caught the “travel bug.” During that trip I realized that life is short, time is precious, and happiness should come first. The world is too big and amazing to NOT explore. I bought a world map and hope to cross off every inch in my lifetime. This epiphany is to miraculous to NOT share with others so my next adventure starts here, as a travel agent, dedicated to helping others “Awaken Travels” in their lives.

Specialties: Romance Travel, Honeymoons, Group Travel, Luxury Travel, Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, France, Italy, England

Contact: [email protected]

Hello, my name is Teresa and I am a mom of three kids who all share my husbands and my love of travel. I used to work as an insurance agent and in the medical field, both of these taught me life is to short not to take the trip! Our family is one who doesn’t shy away from the ‘across 10 states’ road trip or heading to spend some quality relaxing time at our beloved Barbados. We are the crazy family who will travel to Santa Fe New Mexico for the burning man, to New York, Disneyland for some Oggie Boogie Bash, and then to Canada all in one month. We are a family who loves to experience new things together as well as immerse ourselves in new cultures. I have always helped family and friends plan their trips because they know it’s a passion of mine. I come from a family that prides itself on helping others and that is what I try to uphold every time I help a client. Providing the best customer service is my most important priority.

Specialties: Disney, Family Travel, Cruises

Contact: [email protected]

My response to the question where are you from..? Well I’m from the world! I’m Puerto Rican/ Colombian, with a wonderful stepfather from Spain and, an extensive list of places I’ve called home. Double majoring in Art history and Production design was not enough for me so, I’ve added travel agent to my resume. Helping people experience different cultures, and explore the life outside their day to day reality- is the best way possible to help spread knowledge of the world whilst creating beautiful memories.

I’m committed to being that someone who can match your enthusiasm for travel, and give you those unique experiences!

Specialties: Vacation Travel

Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, & Portuguese

Contact: [email protected] 

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