Our New Year’s Travel Resolutions for 2021

Welcome to the end of 2020! Through all of the virtual schooling, Zoom meetings, outdoor gathering in the cold, and constant handwashing, we made it to the end of the year. While 2021 isn’t going to magically look much different for a while, we’re hopeful that we’ll get to check off a few of the destinations on our 2021 travel wish list, when the world opens up again. In the meantime, we’re celebrating the new year by making a handful of travel resolutions – ones we actually feel we can keep. That New Year’s resolution of not touching dessert in

How to Participate in “Pack for a Purpose”

Before you toss that extra sweater into your suitcase that you’re definitely not gonna need on a Caribbean vacation, consider instead packing some school supplies, English books, or some band-aids to donate to the local community. Sandals, which operates some of our favorite resorts, has partnered with local organizations in a number of countries to help the community thrive. The program is called “Pack for a Purpose” and Sandals has made it incredibly easy to give something back to the people of the area you’re visiting while on vacation. How to Pack for a Purpose The idea of volunteering while

Top Five Reasons to Take a Volunteer Vacation with Fathom

Volunteer vacations are experiencing considerable popularity as of late, particularly with those who desire to see the world while giving back. With Fathom’s impact travel, individuals and families have the opportunity to learn another culture, work alongside like-minded travelers and locals to bring about social change, and transform everyone who participates in a positive way. While there are, indeed, several benefits, here are the top 5 reasons to take a volunteer vacation with Fathom: Learn about and Develop Appreciation for a New Country, People, and Culture Traveling is among the best forms of education to broaden one’s horizons and learn about

Enjoy Safe Family Volunteer Vacations with Fathom Cruise Line

The recent trend of taking volunteer vacations allows travelers to immerse themselves in local culture while lending a helping hand in the volunteer location of their choice. Often times, these types of organized trips are only available in developing countries where threats to your personal safety are abundant. If you have considered taking your family on a volunteer vacation, but haven’t done so because of safety concerns, there are other options. We will be hosting a safe family volunteer vacation to the Dominican Republic aboard Fathom Cruise line. The eight-day trip departs from Miami, Florida on March 12th, 2017. You

Why A Volunteer Vacation is the Perfect Family Vacation: Think of the Children

Have you ever thought about taking a volunteer vacation with your family? While it’s unconventional, a family trip to help others could be just the vacation your family needs. There’s a reason why a volunteer vacation is the perfect family vacation, and it isn’t just because of the spectacular locations. Consider this: you’re taking a long-awaited beach vacation with your family. Your son is in the hotel room playing video games, and your daughter won’t get off of her phone. You and your spouse are at your wits’ end trying to make this trip enjoyable for everyone, but you just can’t

3 Reasons Why A Volunteer Vacation is the Perfect Family Vacation

Volunteer vacations offer rich opportunities for parents to teach their children many lessons about the world. These rewarding experiences and teachable moments are not often found by staying at a luxury beach resorts or taking large group tours. Here are three reasons why a volunteer vacation is the perfect family vacation: 1. Cultural Immersion When you take your family on a volunteer vacation you will work alongside locals.  This gives you and your family the opportunity to have a richer understanding of the culture that you visit by skipping typical tourist activities, engaging with locals and often times sharing meals

Take your Activism Offline: Why You Should Take A Volunteer Vacation to the Dominican Republic

The world is more connected than ever, which makes it easier to learn about the multitude of issues facing people all over the world. For example, the beautiful country of the Dominican Republic has a 40% poverty rate, and 3 million residents don’t have access to piped water. However, just clicking the share button or signing an online petition can feel like a pointless gesture when compared to the serious nature of such problems. If you have ever felt this way, read on! There are ways you can make a real, lasting impact on the lives of disadvantaged people. It

How Families Benefit from a Volunteer Vacation

Volunteering benefits children in so many ways, and travel gives them a view of the world that they can’t glean from books. That’s why a volunteer vacation is the perfect family vacation. Benefits of Volunteering for Kids Volunteering helps kids to see how their contributions make a difference to people, animals or the environment, giving them a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. It helps them develop a strong work ethic and can improve their social skills by offering them the opportunity to interact with new people with similar interests. Benefits of Travel for Kids Travel can be a wonderful educational experience for children.

Why A Volunteer Vacation is the Perfect Family Vacation For You

Why A Volunteer Vacation is the Perfect Family Vacation For You: In a world of so much chaos and negativity, sometimes people don’t feel like they can make a difference but it’s quite the opposite. There are people all around the world that need our help and all we have to do is volunteer our time and kind hearts. Awaken Travels offers volunteer vacations that are perfect for families. Not only will you be helping others, but you will be helping your own family. You and your children will get to experience new cultures and be able to make a difference. Volunteer vacations