Fiji Paradise: Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

In our never-ending quest to find you (and us) the best spots on the planet to spend your hard-earned vacation days, sometimes we come across locations that stick out head and shoulders above the rest. Sometimes it is a hidden gem spa destination, a quiet mountain town perhaps, or a country you have never considered or maybe even heard of. This time however, it’s a beach resort that just does everything right. Looking for a gorgeous beach bungalow honeymoon getaway? Check. A family resort with tons of activities for the kids? Check. Always dreamed of learning to dive but wanted

Family Vacation: State Park Edition

Family adventure time! But where to, and how? You want a true outdoor experience. You want the sheer awe of the natural world to grab onto your children and peel their eyes off their phones instead of having to do it yourself for once. This can only mean one thing: Road trip time! Of course tons of National Parks are suited for this. But here’s another list of big artillery to add to your toolbox in the battle against Candy Crush and Tik Tok.  Never underestimate the greatness of a state park State parks don’t always get the same attention

How to Take a Summer Vacation This Year

As the temperature rises, we move closer to the first day of summer and the kids wrap up school for the year, we’re turning our excitement toward summer vacation. This summer is unique, of course, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our dreams of an overwater bungalow in the Caribbean are currently on hold, but that doesn’t mean all summer vacations need to be canceled. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite travel ideas for your summer vacation that still allow you to maintain proper social distancing. These are our favorite ways to still enjoy summer, relax on vacation, and stay

8 Tips to Plan a Great Family Reunion

Your people, clan, team, bloodline – your family. The people who come first in your life, maybe even before yourself. They’re the people you go on vacation with or the people you call daily when you’re on vacation with friends. And occasionally family is the reason why you need a vacation. But every few years there’s a magical time when you all head to a getaway together – the family reunion. It’s a time to catch up, to really check in with everyone (because texting only half counts), to slow down and enjoy each other’s company. Sounds like a relaxing

5 Family Trips to Take Before the Kids Grow Up

Someones backpack is lost, your youngest has decided cereal for breakfast is worse than taking a bath, and the coffee pot is making gurgling noises that sound like a gremlin with the flu. Just a normal morning. It’s only natural this may lead you to think that taking the kids on a vacation while they’re young is an insane idea and would take far more energy than a dying coffee machine could provide. It’s true that getting everyone packed and on a trip can be a lot of work, but without question, the U.S. holds incredible destinations that beg for

Tips for Flying with Kids

It’s a family vacation time and the beach is calling. Or Disney World. Or Iceland or Japan. The whole family has planned and mapped out the entire itinerary. Now there’s only one thing left to do — survive the flight while traveling with kids. While the thought of a 12-hour flight over an ocean sounds intimidating, it doesn’t have to be something to dread, and can even be a positive experience. Even a two-hour flight can be nerve wracking with a cranky toddler. But that beach is calling, so click “book,” pack accordingly, and follow these tips on how to

The Best Christmas Markets in Europe

The holidays are coming, this can only mean one thing: European Christmas-market season!  If you want to take a trip over the winter holidays, but you don’t want your family to feel like they are missing out on the holidays, you are not alone. But, we have the perfect answer for your situation, and it doesn’t even lock you into one particular destination.  The European Christmas markets are in virtually every major European city, and a huge selection of smaller cities, as well. They tend to run from mid-November until the beginning of the New Year. Regardless of where you

How to Participate in “Pack for a Purpose”

Before you toss that extra sweater into your suitcase that you’re definitely not gonna need on a Caribbean vacation, consider instead packing some school supplies, English books, or some band-aids to donate to the local community. Sandals, which operates some of our favorite resorts, has partnered with local organizations in a number of countries to help the community thrive. The program is called “Pack for a Purpose” and Sandals has made it incredibly easy to give something back to the people of the area you’re visiting while on vacation. How to Pack for a Purpose The idea of volunteering while

The Best Cruises for Families

A family vacation, although exciting, can sometimes come with far too much planning. We don’t all have time for the weeks of researching, strategizing, and making certain you booked the hotel for the right number of nights. Don’t forget the rental car for the last day so you can actually get everybody back to the airport. Is that trunk big enough for everyone’s luggage? Where are we supposed to rent snorkelling gear? Is the pool open this time of year? Once the plane takes off, the real stress begins – attempting to keep everyone entertained, out of trouble and happily

Tenerife for Families: Where to go and what to see

Family travel is equal parts building memories that will last a lifetime and making sure those memories are positive. You want your children to have new experiences and learn about the world around them. However, in order to do that in today’s world it needs to be exciting enough to pry their eyes from their phone/gaming console. It also can’t be entirely about enriching the kids because us adults need to have a great time, too! Why Tenerife? Tenerife in the Canary Islands is your answer to the family vacation. Known as “the island of eternal spring,” the temperature sits