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As you prepare to finally begin your actual destination wedding journey, there are several travel tips that you want to keep in mind. 

These tips will streamline your journey and ensure you arrive peaceful and ready to embark on this next step in your life with joy and contentment rather than frazzled and hurried.

Top Destination Wedding Travel TipsLeave From Home

Although work is a reality we all must take part in, if at all possible don’t plan to leave on your travels for your wedding straight from work. You don’t want to have to attempt to get everything set, packed, packaged up in your car all day, and then attempt to tie up loose ends all before you head off to work for a whole day before dashing to the airport.

Not only is this a recipe for an extremely stressful workday spent going over the contents of your bags in your head trying to determine if you have forgotten anything at home, but also the perfect recipe to not get any sleep the night before your final day of work. 

It is difficult enough to just make coffee, brush your teeth, and remember to bring your laptop to work in the morning, not to mention everything you will need for one of the most important events of your life!

The simple answer is, plan to leave from home. Even if it is only for a bit, you will be far more alert when loading up the car, you can finalize any checklists with a clear mind, and ensure everything is packed just right

Top Destination Wedding Travel TipsSchedule An Airport Transfer

Regardless of where you live, you can schedule an airport transfer. 

If you live in a big city with an airport, this can mean proper luxury. Nobody likes driving to the airport before a big trip, and certainly not when you have important things on your mind. 

Start the journey off right by booking an airport limo to whisk you and your bags off directly to your gate without the hassle of loading and unloading your luggage, figuring out which lane to take to park your car in long-term parking, finding the bus to your gate from the lot, figuring out which stop to get off on the bus, etc. 

Just pay a little extra and get it all handled. The peace of mind is absolutely worth it. Travel is hard enough. No need to start off on the wrong foot.

Top Destination Wedding Travel TipsDisconnect

This is your dream trip. So make sure it stays that way. Don’t let all the extra socials and media and work details invade your special moments. Just unplug and set yourself free. It will all still be there when you return home. Whether you like it or not. 

Set your away message on your work email and turn off all your social media notifications. Let your friends that weren’t able to make it to your wedding know that you are stepping away for a bit to truly be together and celebrate. They will all understand, plus you can post all those awesome photos once you get home. 

For those guests who are attending that you still need to stay in contact with? Easy. Give them your phone number. Remember those? Stay in text contact when you think it is important, but don’t forget to mute that sometimes too.

Call Your Credit Cards

One of the travel tips that many people forget is to notify credit card and bank accounts. Even if you aren’t traveling outside of the country, you are still traveling outside of your standard area.

If you are using your card in a way they don’t expect, such as from somewhere new, or for an unusual service, or even perhaps an unusually large charge (forgot to pay the caterers?) they may black your card.

But, this is simple to remedy, either call, go on the creditor’s website, or check the app and you can set up a travel notice that will let them know to expect unusual charges from the area or areas of your choosing during a specific date range. 

Top Destination Wedding Travel TipsAllow Plenty of Time

Traveling can be difficult, especially when you are going through airports or cruise terminals. Allow yourself plenty of time so that you don’t have to stress. 

If you get to wherever you’re supposed to be a little bit early, sit back and relax. Anywhere you may be waiting is very likely to offer many enjoyable services for those who arrive early or need to wait between flights or ships. 

Restaurants, bars, massage services, hotels, movie rooms, and many other options are available, and often a great way to unwind and relax. A nice cocktail while watching planes takeoff and land is sometimes just the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Top Destination Wedding Travel TipsWear Comfortable Shoes

One of our most simple destination wedding travel tips is to wear comfortable shoes. This will make it easier to rush the airport terminals as needed, stand in long lines, and generally deal with everything. 

The heels can be saved for your wedding day – though you may want to leave the heels at home entirely, especially if you are planning a beach wedding where you will be barefoot or in flip-flops.

Sadly there are very few heels that are designed properly for a beach wedding.

Ready to plan the ultimate destination wedding?

Ultimately, traveling towards your destination wedding location can be a lot of fun. Following a few of these useful destination wedding travel tips will make sure you don’t forget anything and you have a stress-free time on the way there and throughout your entire vacation. Remember, you’re getting married – and it only happens once!

Learn more about destination weddings and how to travel stress-free by contacting Awaken Travels today.

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