Most people don’t think twice about booking their own travel plans online. It’s convenient and free. Why not? But then something happens. You miss a connection at the airport. The attraction you came to see is sold out. You only have an email of the tour tickets you purchased in advance, but the guide needs to see a paper ticket.

What to visit first?

Who is going to help you in these situations, especially if you’re traveling to a country that’s off the beaten path or where you don’t speak the language?

These are just some of the top reasons to use a travel specialist and skip DIY bookings. Here are 11 more:

1. It’s safer



Even seasoned tourists defer to travel specialists before heading to a place with a mix of good and bad neighborhoods. They know the areas inside and out, and will make sure you stay in safe, comfortable places on your trip.

2. It saves you time


DIY travel is gratifying, but also time-consuming. You spend your free time leading up to the trip fettering away with the details: looking at booking sites, comparing dates and prices, browsing through pages of accommodations, and researching transportation. When you go through a travel specialist, they do all of that for you.

3. You get the best deals


After searching for days or weeks to find the best deal online, you finally book. But you may still have a gnawing fear that there was a better price out there somewhere. Your travel specialist puts these worries at bay by using all of their resources to get you the best deals possible.

4. They connect the dots for you


You need to get to the airport, then catch a flight to your destination, then get from the airport to an out-of-the-way village in the mountains or by the sea. A travel specialist will figure out all of the connections, so you get a chance to take in the scenery rather than worry about how you’re getting from point A to point B.

5. They help you with your travel documentation 


Some countries require you to have travel visas, others do not. Your travel specialist knows what you need to bring and can help you prepare the documentation you’ll need in advance. No unwelcome surprises at the airport.

6. They know medical requirements


A travel specialist can provide a list of medical requirements for the countries you want to visit, including vaccinations or documents you’ll need along the way.

7. To stay on budget

happy young woman tourist tunis travel on road trip

You may think of travel agents as an added expense, but they might end up helping you save money on your trip. They can tell you about unexpected costs you might encounter, so you can build them into your budget from the start.

8. Planning and booking activities


Whether you’re looking for kid-friendly activities, kid-free adventures, or seniors-only excursions, your travel specialist will know just what to do. And, they can help you make the arrangements in advance so all you have to do is show up and enjoy it! No waiting in long lines, no getting turned away because something is sold out.

9. What to eat (& what NOT to eat)


There’s nothing worse than going on the trip of a lifetime and missing out on the best local food because you didn’t know what to order or where to find it. Travel specialists can make recommendations based on your preferences and dietary requirements. Plus, they can advise you to steer clear of ‘delicacies’ that are out of your comfort zone.

10. Where to eat


A travel specialist can tell you if it’s worth it to make reservations at a 5-star restaurant downtown or if you’re better off sticking to the market for a sampling of street food. They can make suggestions based on your budget, book a table, or help you find a restaurant that accommodates your dietary restrictions.

11. What not to miss


One of the most stressful parts of a once-in-a-lifetime location is making sure you see everything. If you search on the web, you’ll find unlimited possibilities. But a travel specialist knows the must-see attractions from the tourist traps. They’ll help you plan when and how to get to each destination so you have the trip of a lifetime.

Vacations are supposed to be a break from work, so why take on the responsibility of planning it all yourself? This is why there are travel specialists. Let them worry about the details so you can enjoy your holiday.

Contact us to talk about your travel ideas so we can get to work on the perfect itinerary for your next vacation.

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