Have you ever sat down to plan a vacation, browsed some guides, looked at 80 pictures, checked a few flight options, and ended up in an overwhelming ball of sticky notes with different destinations written all over them? Bali looks nice, but what about the weather during August? Is the Caribbean really as beautiful as it looks or are those photos super altered? And do all of the hotel rooms have an ocean view or do some look into the parking lot? Vacation is amazing. But trudging through the planning stage can be a challenge. For the reasons we just mentioned plus a whole lot of other ones, this is why bespoke travel planning is the way to go. Close all 152 tabs on your browser and let us sort through it all for you. Here’s why you deserve to treat yourself to a bespoke vacation.

1. How in the world to decide where in the world to go

You have the vacation time set aside and a general idea that you want to spend your five-day holiday on a warm beach. Or maybe you’re after a vacation in winery paradise or you’d like to swim with a whale shark. Or maybe you have no idea where you’d like to go. You just know you need (deserve) a vacation and have some time set aside. We’re here to help with that. We’ll send you where you want to go. It’s a pretty simple equation. You tell us your desires: weather, activities, proximity to your home, hours you’re cool with sitting on a plane, and what type of accommodations you’re after and we’ll do the research for you.

With some many possible destinations, it can be a challenge to narrow down which one is right for your desires and budget. Perhaps Japan is the ideal location for your family, but it didn’t show up on your radar. Or Turkey or Norway. Simply put, there are too many awesome places in this world to research all of them. Lucky for you (and us), it’s our job to know about all the cool spots. We’ll get you where you belong.

2. Full support while you’re there

Tours cancelled, car got a flat tire, rain is in the forecast every day until the day you fly home when it will magically be sunny and comfortably warm. Yeah, sometimes dream vacations don’t live up to the dreams and snafus are bound to happen.

Your first flight was delayed so you’re going to miss your connection. But there’s very little you can do while you’re in the air. Meanwhile, we’re tracking your flights and while you’re in the air, we’re making plans to get you on a new flight. We also notified your driver of your new arrival time and we called the hotel to let them know you’ll be checking in a bit later than expected.

While your best friend at home feels bad that it’s raining on your tropical vacation, she’s not gonna be looking up alternate activities for you. But if she is, thank her for being an incredible friend! However, we happen to know which activities work great for a rainy day! Local museums, wine tasting, a romantic dinner – we already know the spots that work great for a bit of unforeseen weather.

3. Sometimes the internet doesn’t know it all

You just arrived at your hotel for the vacation of a lifetime. Your room is perfect. And then the pounding starts next door. Half of the hotel is under construction and the pool is closed for the next two months. Suddenly life doesn’t look so rosy. Our planning and connections to the resorts we recommend would have flagged this information. We also know that the resort two beaches down just finished renovation so it’s back to blissfully quiet and they added soaking tubs to every room.

The same scenario can present itself with booking tours or activities. We’re here to make sure your guide is knowledgeable and you’re getting the best experience possible on your bespoke vacation. We’re going to book you morning yoga with a certified yoga instructor, send you to a picnic spot with lush green grass, and book you into the restaurant that fits your goals and budget, not the one that recently changed management and just isn’t the same anymore. Our insights are your greatest tool for making this vacation the one to remember.

4. Set and stick to your budget

Sadly, a reality of travel is that it isn’t free. Flight, rental car, accommodations, food, and more. It adds up. Some destinations are more affordable than others and some provide much more value for the cost than others. It’s easy to go over budget quickly in the excitement of vacation. We’re here to help keep your trip within budget. You give us the number and we’ll figure out to get the max enjoyment out of your dollars. Whether you’re going on a honeymoon you’ve saved up for years to take or heading out on a mini-vacation within your home state, we’ll recommend locations and activities to stay within your budget while maximizing enjoyment.

5. Insight without drowning in information

Living in the age of information does indeed have its perks. Like ordering that perfect swimsuit for your honeymoon you just spotted online. But it can also be overwhelming and just way too much to deal with, especially when it comes to vacation planning. Of course every resort is showing you the best rooms available and mentioning that they’re the only place to stay. Online reviews may be real, but they might also be a paid post or posted by someone who has wildly different preferences than you do.

We’ll give you options and review them with you. Instead of sorting through 134 hotels, we’ll narrow this down to three (or however many you’d like) that fit your desires and budget and choose from there. No need to drown in options or information. Instead, spend your free time browsing which spa service you’re getting first, or which book you’ll be reading pool-side first.

Ready to get started planning a bespoke vacation?

Tailored clothes just fit better. And so do tailor-made vacations. Book yourself on a bespoke vacation because you deserve to take a trip that fits you well. Suited to your personal desires and preferences, but without spending days wondering about the details and waiting for email replies from resorts and tours. Leave it all to us. Send us a message and let’s get planning!


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