All that remained of Rick and Tina’s perfect wedding was the cake in the freezer to eat on their anniversary. A few leftover ingredients from the s’mores bar that was a hit with the kids are also around and a whole lot of memories are wrapped up in close to a million pictures.

Now it was time for an idyllic honeymoon in Bali. Except on Tuesday morning, the alarm didn’t go off and the happy couple woke up in a panic. Too late to make their flight to Los Angeles, this also meant they’d miss their connecting flight from Singapore to Denpasar, Bali, and seemingly miss a huge chunk of their honeymoon. Having saved and planned for months for this once-in-a-lifetime vacation, the couple was left in a panic of what to do, which airline to call first, and if anything was salvageable.

But this story has a happy ending. Rick and Tina booked their blissful honeymoon with a travel professional who helped them with every step. Their travel agent booked them into the most luxurious hotels and ensured their room had the ocean-facing view. Their private driver was verified transportation, and they had VIP access to special honeymoon perks and exciting excursions.

Quick action for quick solutions

Having leaned on her for planning this perfect trip, they called her as soon as they realized they’d made a terrible mistake of setting the alarm for 7 PM instead of 7 AM. She immediately booked them on the next flight to Los Angeles, so Tina and Rick headed to the airport. Here’s what happened while they were driving:

  • Their travel agent rebooked them on a new flight from Los Angeles to Bali. The flight wasn’t going to make up for all of the lost time, but it was getting them there on the same arrival day. Instead of paying $6,000 for new flights on the same carriers and through the same destination, she found flights for just $2,400. She was also able to get the original carrier to refund their missed flight — an extremely rare accommodation.
  • She called and canceled — without penalty — the hotel room that had initially been reserved for them to spend the night at the airport in Singapore while they waited for a long layover that was part of their original itinerary.
  • She called Indonesia directly to alert the personal driver of their new arrival time and flight number.
  • The new flights had them arriving just four hours later than the original itinerary, so they didn’t miss any nights at the resort.

Most people think the benefit of using a travel agent is to get the best deals. While, of course, this is a huge benefit, you’re in for assistance throughout the entire experience. Think of your travel agent as your biggest cheerleader, standing on the sidelines making sure everything is as perfect as possible. Had Rick and Tina been on their own once they woke up late in a panic, their rescheduling would have been a lot more chaotic and potentially could have resulted in a lot of wasted money. Most airlines and hotels have fine print so small that it takes an over-sized magnifying glass to read and then decipher. While Rick and Tina didn’t have time to read that intensely while driving to the airport, their travel agent already knew the rules and was making it all right.

The help keeps on coming

A few days into their honeymoon, they were scheduled on a glass-bottom boat sunset cruise. But the weather had other ideas. With huge waves crashing onto the shore, the cruise was canceled. Without having to interrupt their honeymoon, they simply sent an e-mail to their travel agent who was able to get a full refund immediately.

Rick and Tina’s honeymoon travel bumps were logistical hurdles, which any travel agent deals with regularly. But in the case of other types of emergencies — extreme weather events, medical crises, and more — your travel agent can literally be a lifeline. This type of care goes far beyond booking hotel rooms. And recently, this includes pandemics.

The true value of a travel agent is their commitment to your travel experience

Regardless of the price tag of your trip or the duration, your travel agent is as invested in the success of your trip as you are. Because they are the connecting point for every ticket, reservation, and contact, they have the expertise to navigate extremely complex situations in ways that the average traveler can’t. Whether this trip is your ultimate romantic honeymoon in Bali, or a mini-vacation on a long weekend to a national park, your travel agent is always at the ready should you need help or advice.

Uncertain future calls for even more reassurance

Travel in 2020 has taken on a whole new look and feel with the COIVD-19 pandemic. Some countries are having more success than others and some are open for travel while others are closed to tourists. Keeping up on the news can be overwhelming, as can planning a get-away during this time. Some airlines are taking every precaution while others are packing their flights full. Each airline has their own set of rules for refunds and rebooking during this uncertain time. It can be a tricky situation to navigate if you end up needing to cancel or reschedule your trip.

We’ve put together a guide for how to safely travel this summer, but more so than ever, we recommend booking a trip through a travel professional. Your travel agent will be your lifeline to safety and security with booking fully-refundable options should you need to cancel. Our number one priority is your safety during this time.

Ready to make sure your honeymoon isn’t ruined even if you sleep in?

While we don’t recommend sleeping in on the morning of your flight, we understand that accidents do happen. And when they do, we’re here to help clean up the mess. Let us know where your travel plans are taking you, and we’ll be sure to give you all the support in planning, booking and executing your best vacation ever. 

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