With so many places to cross off the wish list and so many things on our bucket lists, choosing the perfect destination for a vacation is perhaps the most difficult part of planning it. From the budget to the kind of activities you are looking forward to indulging in, a lot needs to be considered when it comes to choosing a vacation destination. Are you looking for an all-inclusive experience, a dreamy beach vacation, or train trip in Europe? 

Sometimes, it’s best to tie your vacation with the months of the year. It is a surefire way to make sure that you make the most out of the trip. From the weather and scenic views of the landscape and the cultural festivities of the cities to travel and accommodation expense – everything changes with the month! Scroll down to read about the top vacation destinations.

January – Explore Thailand


By January, most of us are done with snow blizzards, chilly winds, and being cooped up inside our houses due to the cold weather. This is why, with its beautiful sun-kissed beaches and warm tropical weather, Thailand is one of the most attractive destinations for vacationers who plan to travel in January. In fact, it offers the best escapade for those craving some sunshine!  

No wonder – January is the peak season for tourists in Thailand. Visitors can expect great weather throughout the month. However, due to the large numbers of tourists flocking in the country in January, it is always a good idea to make reservations in advance or book a travel agent, especially if you are planning to explore any of the many picturesque tropical islands.

February – Celebrate Your Valentine in Italy

Whether you stroll with your partner through the eternal streets of Rome, explore the William Shakespeare’s set for Romeo and Juliet in Verona, get inspired by the unique and lovely architecture as your boat sways in canal in Venice, marvel at the beauty of Bologna, or travel around any other part of Italy – every city is equally mesmerizing and offers a unique experience.

Throughout the month, the weather remains cold, perfect for cuddling with your sweetheart or enjoying bonfires with your friends. The best part about visiting Italy in the month of Saint Valentine is that you can enjoy a lovely vacation or a romantic escapade without spending tons of money. Since it is the off-season for tourists, you can easily find inexpensive yet quality accommodation. Plus, the cities won’t be crowded with tourists, giving you a chance to truly explore the country.

Also, keep in mind that February is the month of festivals in Italy. In fact, you can feel the cities buzzing with anticipation of joyful events happening all around the country. Here’s a list of February feasts and events that you don’t want to miss out on in Italy.   

  • Carnevale celebrated all over the country
  • Festa Della Candelora celebrated in Florence  
  • Chocolate Festival celebrated in Florence
  • Feast of Saint Agatha celebrated in Catania, Sicily
  • Almond Blossom Festival, celebrated in Agrigento, Sicily

March – Travel to Vietnam

March is the best time to visit Vietnam as it usually gets very hot from April onwards. However, during the month of March, the weather is just perfect to enjoy and appreciate the breathtaking landscapes of the country.  A trip to Vietnam in March is the ultimate vacation with lovely weather, unmatched natural beauty, cultural events and rich history that fascinates the mind, and even beautiful sunny beaches that can take your vacation to the next level. In other words, during March, Vietnam offers everything that anyone could ask for in a vacation!  

If you are traveling to Central Highlands, get ready to witness the flower season in Vietnam and admire the characteristic flowers of the season – the beautiful coffee flowers. These distinctive flowers are in full bloom in March so make sure you don’t forget to visit Tay Nguyen, the Central Highland region of the country. Here, you can also enjoy local festivals like the Elephant Racing Festival at Krong Na Village to get an insight into the Vietnamese culture.

Apart from that, you can hit the beaches, explore the capital of Hanoi, witness spring in full bloom in Hoa Ban, explore the seaside province – Phu Yen, visit the romantic Truong Tien Bridge, and do a lot more! Since there are so many places to travel to in Vietnam in this month, it is best to consult a travel agency and book an all-inclusive trip to this mesmerizing country.    

April – Welcome Spring in Japan

Sakura sighting, Japanese for cherry blossoms, is the highlight of traveling to Japan in April. Once the flowers are in full bloom, it is hard to look at anything but the pink cherry blossoms. No wonder, every year, thousands of tourists gather from all around the world simply to see Sakura in Japan!

As part of the Japanese Spring culture, hanami parties are thrown all over the country. If you are a foodie, you may be interested in knowing that these parties are nothing but part of observing and admiring cherry blossoms! People gather with friends and family under cherry trees and enjoy food, especially sweet treats, and drinks to celebrate the arrival of spring. If that does not tempting enough, the foodie in you won’t be able to able to look away from the strawberry dessert buffet, which is also a part of the Japanese culture. Since strawberries are in seasons, restaurants all around the country host special strawberry dessert buffets.  

Apart from that, there’s a lot more to do in Japan in April. Hike through the picturesque Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, which opens only for a few months, from April to November to see the great white wall of snow. Keep in mind that the wall completely melts by May so the best time to see it in its full might is in April. On the other hand, if you want to ride the waves and swim in the ocean, hit the beaches in Okinawa. Also, don’t forget to experience the happening and colorful nightlife of Japan, especially if you plan to visit Tokyo!

May – Witness the Northern Lights in Norway

Want to feel like a local in Norway? Visit the country in May! During this time of the year, the country enjoys the tourist shoulder season. In other words, the streets won’t be crowded, giving you a chance to explore the cities and visit famous attractions.

Talking about attraction, one of the biggest natural attractions of Norway in May is the Northern Lights. To witness this wonder of nature in Norway, head out to the Loften Islands and get inspired by the scenic archipelago that gives tourists a preview of the famous Midnight Sun of the region. For those wondering what that is – the Midnight Sun refers to a two-month long period when the sun stays above the horizon 24 hours around the clock!

Norway offers the complete vacation package. You can enjoy the picturesque landscape; get mesmerized by lights and colors playing in the sky in the form of the Northern Lights, go on scenic hiking trips, trek around the National Parks, indulge in the city nightlife, explore museums and ancient churches, enjoy relaxing road trips to the countryside, and even witness the festival season in Norway!     

June – Enjoy Winter in Australia

Australia is the hub of arts and diverse culture and one of the best times of the year to travel to this subtropical island of a country is in June. While most of the rest of the world enjoys summer, in June, Australia is in the middle of the winter. However, the weather is mild and dry winds give tourists an opportunity to explore the mystic Australian land. Whether you are looking for a laidback relaxing vacation or want to indulge in adrenaline-rushing activities, Australia has something for everyone!

To make the most of your wintery vacation in Australia, explore Cape Range National Park to witness awe-inspiring natural beauty, go whale watching to have an exquisite, life-altering experience, ride the wave at the beaches, and explore the baffling caves like Chifley caves or Jenolan caves in eastern Australia, and what not!  If you start to craving sunlight, you can also visit Kangaroo Island in the south. In other words, Australia has everything to offer and June is the right month to visit it. For a better experience, book your trip through a reliable travel agent!  

July – Dream Island Getaway to Fiji

Fiji is nothing less than a tropical paradise on Earth. Cherry on the top – in July, the weather is just perfect to enjoy the natural beauty of this region. While there is a lot to do in Fiji, naturally, the major attraction is the beautiful beaches and unmated underwater beauty that you can explore by indulging in activities like snorkeling and deep sea diving. The islands also offer some world-class sports facilities to experience kayaking, zip-lining through lush green jungles, surfing, and even sky diving!   

Pecked with beautiful resorts and restaurants, Fiji also enjoys a happening nightlife. In short, whether you are looking for a romantic escapade, a solo adventure, or a fun-filled family vacation – Fiji in July is the best option!       

August – Marvel at Slovenia

The mystical country of Slovenia will captivate your imagination and offer you the best vacation of your life. Located in central Europe, the country is famous for its magnificent mountains and mesmerizing lakes. To add more to the natural beauty of the region, in August, the weather is also pleasant almost throughout the country.  

One of the more popular tourist attractions in Slovenia is the town of Bled that contains a church-topped islet and a beautiful medieval castle but the main attraction of the town is Lake Bled, a mesmerizing glacial lake fed by hot springs! On the other hand, the capital city – Ljubljana – is an urban hub, rich in culture and amazing architecture from the 20th century. You are bound to fall in love with the Ljubljana‘s old town.

Also, don’t forget to experience the natural beauty of Lake Bohinj, get lost in Triglav National Park, climb the bell tower in Piran, or pass the herders’ huts at Velika Planina! Whatever you do, a vacation in Slovenia in August just can’t go wrong!

September – Cross off Alaska from your Bucket List

Alaska needs no introduction. While the peak tourist season for this bucket-list destination lasts from June to August, planning a vacation to Alaska in September is the best thing you could do! The weather is still pleasant and the days are long, giving ample time to explore the wonderful natural beauty of the city. Plus most of the mosquito population left with the rest of the tourists! The Alaskan coast line offers boating, fishing, whale watching, and tons of cruising opportunities. The interior offers everything from National Park exploration in Denali to luxurious spas and resorts.

If you’re on a road trip, keep in mind that Alaska is only one state of the USA. If you are in for a long vacation, there are a number of cities in other states that you can explore on your way to infamous Alaska!

October – Set Out for China

Just like spring months, this is the best time to travel to China. The country is filled with places that are too cold in winter and too hot in summer to comfortably vacation in. This makes October the ideal time of the year to explore China and learn a little about the great Chinese civilization firsthand! Here’s a list of some of the best places to visit in China that you must visit in October.

  • Xinjiang
  • Beijing
  • Yunnan
  • Shanghai

November – Explore Mystical India

If you want to explore the traditional mystical culture of India, plan a vacation in November. If you are lucky, you may even get to witness the biggest Hindu festival, Diwali, which is usually celebrated around this time of the year. The entire country is decorated with lights and lanterns to celebrate this festival of light!

December – Celebrate Christmas in Germany

Christmas in Germany is like nothing else! It is a cliché that you must experience at least once in your life. During the holidays, the cities transform into Christmas centers overflowing with Christmas markets. It is simply impossible to not get into the holiday spirit when you are in Germany in December. Combine this with a mountain getaway for skiing or relaxing in a picturesque lodge by the fireplace.

So, where are you heading for your next vacation? Remember, irrespective of time of the year and the destination you choose, make sure that to hire a travel agency to experience the best vacation of your life! Get in touch with us and let’s get planning.


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