The day you’ve been planning most of your life is finally about to happen. Most people dream about the perfect wedding and ideal honeymoon. Paying for them, however, is a different story. A lot of kids love to act out their dream weddings and pretend they’re taking a magic carpet ride to a tropical beach on a beautiful island somewhere. What they leave out of the fantasy is the bill. Is A Honeymoon Gift Registry the solution you are looking for?

How Honeymoon Gift Registry Can Benefit you

Traditionally, you either had the money to go on your fantasy honeymoon or you didn’t. That was the sad reality. Then entered social media and the Honeyfund.

Benefits of A Honeymoon Gift Registry

To us, the benefits of the honeymoon gift registry are obvious. But then they should be; it’s part of our business. So we’ll take a moment or two to explain just how it works and how it can benefit you.

Depending on where you decide to go, honeymoon costs range anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 and go up from there. Not everyone has that kind of cash tucked away between their mattresses. If they did, they probably spent it on their wedding.

Honeymoon Gift Registry

What if we told you there was a way to enlist the help family and friends to make your dream honeymoon possible? Do we have your attention? Good, because we’re not just messing with you.

Honeymoon Gift Registry

The Honeymoon Gift Registry is a real crowdfunding campaign for honeymoons. It’s not complicated either. Here’s how it works.

  1. Users register and create their ideal honeymoon. You’ll itemize things you wish to do, like romantic dinners, shows, attractions, airfare, car rentals, and more. Then you’ll post pictures and talk about why your particular honeymoon dream is perfect for you, and your spouse of course.
  2. You’ll set up online payments using Paypal or WePay (only available in the US). Guests make donations toward your campaign online.
  3. You watch your fund grow and begin planning your trip.

Does this whole thing sound too good to be true? Check out testimonials from real Honeymoon Gift Registry couples. One campaign generated over $3,500 for a trip to Kauai, while another couple’s fund brought in $25,000 for a trip to Africa.

Honeymoon Gift Registry

Some ask, isn’t it awkward to ask wedding guest for money? Is it better to have a traditional gift registry? Considering that most couples probably already own anything they’d receive as a traditional wedding gift, not really. Nowadays, most couples already live together before deciding to marry.

Getting Your Family & Friends Onboard

Chances are, you already have a blender, a coffee maker, dishes, and a decent set of kitchen knives. Wouldn’t your friends and family prefer giving you a gift you actually want? One survey revealed that 82% of newlyweds sell their wedding gifts online. We’re pretty sure Mom and Dad would rather give you a gift you won’t sell or exchange.

Honeymoon Gift Registry

Why else will guests prefer donating to your Honeymoon Gift Registry over giving a wedding gift? Your friends and family know, like everyone, that you have the rest of your life to buy stuff. A new toaster might last a year or so. Memories of your honeymoon last forever.

A gift is an expression. It’s how the giver tells you how thrilled they are you met the man or woman of your dreams. What better way is there for family and friends to express their happiness for you than helping your honeymoon dreams come true?

We hope this information is helpful.

To learn more about starting a Honeymoon Gift Registry, or anything else, please Contact Us. We can’t wait to help you plan your ideal honeymoon. Thanks for reading.


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