December is a time of celebration, a time of holiday cheer, and a month of coming together with friends and family. This makes December an obvious choice as a great month for weddings as well. The fact that everyone has more time off of work and school during December is certainly a bonus, as well. Planning a wedding in December is a great decision to add another fun festivity to an already joyous season. And of course, this means a December honeymoon is in the cards as well. 

Good news! December is a great month for honeymoons! Thanks to everyone having a bit more time off during the month, all the resorts and holiday destinations are open and excited for your business. There will be no need to worry whether things are closed for the season once you get there. 

We’ve put together a list of highlights for your December honeymoon to get you started on your planning.


Best Places to Honeymoon in December Australia

If summer can’t come soon enough for you, you are in luck with our first recommendation. Thanks to its location firmly in the Southern hemisphere, summer is in full swing in Australia in December.

Pack your bathing suit and sunblock, because you are going to be in for some much needed warmth. From the Sydney Opera House to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has something for everyone.

Most importantly, there are plenty of pleasant temperatures to explore the Outback or spend a day on Bondi Beach. 

Head to the Gold Coast for a perfect combo of beachcombing resort life, world-class restaurants and spas plus the gorgeous Lamington National Park for all of your hiking, nature watching, and photo-taking wishes.  


Best Places to Honeymoon in December Mexico

If you’re looking for warm sandy beaches, cold tropical fruit drinks and spicy food, then you can’t beat Mexico. 

A single easy flight from virtually anywhere in the United States lands you in a warm country full of great people, and an enormous selection of all-inclusive resorts to choose among in varying price ranges. 

Of course, Mexico is far more than just resorts. You can get your adventure fix here too. Mayan ruins, quaint small towns, rainforest adventures, and untouched natural wonders are hidden throughout.  Or if you prefer, there are also bustling cities filled with new sights and sounds, amazing food for all budgets, and arts that rival anywhere in the world.  

There is always more to do when you’re done sunning and surfing in Mexico.


Best Places to Honeymoon in December Bali

If you’re looking for sandy beaches and clear blue waters with an exotic locale, then you should consider Bali, Indonesia.

As with many of the places on our list, the beaches and resort life offered in Bali is enough to entertain any honeymooner for years to come. But Bali is so much more than just the beach. 

Visit the temples tucked away,  or the Ubud Monkey Forest filled with simian friends waiting for you to bring them a treat, or see the ancient carvings in the Goa Gajah caves while staying in this island paradise. Visitors to Bali will quickly realize they want to venture deeper into the country than just the gorgeous beaches. Bali will have you returning to refresh your honeymoon year after year. 

It’s easy to book an all-inclusive vacation on this small island that offers all the amenities you can dream of without being a standard honeymoon at all. Why not try something a little outside normal?

USA Ski Resorts

a couple sit hugging with their backs to the camera and facing a snow-covered mountain range at a ski resort in the US

Not every honeymooner dreams of laying on a beach for their honeymoon. Some prefer a quiet snowy villa and romantic evenings in front of a crackling fire with a mug of hot chocolate and a week of skiing and spas.

We hear you. Vail, Colorado, Park City, Utah, and Whistler, BC, Canada, are our shortlist of epic destinations for hitting the slopes to the extreme while pampering yourself at an equal measure. 

Of course these world-class resort towns come with far more amenities for honeymooners than simply hitting the slopes by day and the spa at night. Hop on a helicopter for some sightseeing above it all, or to get far off piste if you are feeling extra adventurous. Or perhaps a snowy picnic by horseback would be more your pace. 

Honeymooners to the mountains don’t even need to ski or snowboard to enjoy these resorts. The seemingly endless supply of interesting restaurants, high-end shopping, and fun adventure offerings are around every corner to keep anyone enjoying the beauty of life on a majestic mountain range. And if the courage or the intrigue happens to show, there are of course lessons for all ages and skill levels to learn or hone their snow skills. Or of course just grab a sled or a tube and head to the play park!

South Africa

December in South Africa

Find adventure and romance in South Africa. Once again, thanks to being in the Southern hemisphere, South Africa offers a summer escape from winter for honeymooners.

At this honeymoon destination, it’s easy to find a safari package that takes you and that special someone through Kruger National Park to see the Big Five, the African lion, Cape buffalo, African elephants, rhinoceros and the African leopard. 

Who hasn’t considered a safari at some point in their life? Why not for a honeymoon? The resorts vary greatly from old-world majestic royal resorts to eco-lodges to keep your environmental impact low while maximizing the adventure. There is truly a safari for everyone regardless of your dream way to encounter the amazing and beautiful wildlife of South Africa.

Not sure where to go on your honeymoon in December?

If you have made it all the way to the bottom of the page and still haven’t found just the right spot for you and that special someone to have your December honeymoon, have no fear!

We have found so many great destinations they didn’t all fit on one page, so check out the rest here: The Best Places for a December Honeymoon.

At Awaken Travels, we specialize in making your honeymoon the romantic getaway that you want. We can help you arrange air travel, cruises, and hotels. We work with you to find an all-inclusive resort that ticks all of your boxes for food, drink, and amenities.

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