Honeymooning in Madeira (Portugal) is a great option in 2020, WeddingBells.ca says.

Destination I Do shares the best locations for holiday honeymoons.

WeddingBells.ca offers its 2020 wedding trends guide – and, it suggests things to consider about inviting kids to a wedding.

Here are the 22 best places for a Destination Wedding, according to Harper’s Bazaar (plus, its picks for the 10 top wedding trends in 2020).

Harper’s Bazaar mentions The Marble House in Rhode Island for a destination wedding.

BRIDES jumps in too with 10 stunning Destination Wedding locations (the article says 2018 but it was just updated) – and, it posted this list of the 35 best wedding dress designs from 2019.

Bridal Guide chimes in with its 2020 wedding gown trends.

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