Happiness is a part of life we all seek. We chase that feeling of bliss every day, and many of us seek it in material things. Promotional ads for the newest gadgets try to convince you that more things equal more happiness. And while that is true to a point, things are not where your greatest happiness is found. Something shiny and new will bring happiness while it’s still shiny and new, but after you’ve experienced it day after day its excitement fades and so does your happiness because of it.


However, consider your fondest memories. There are certain moments in life, that when you look back on them, will always bring a smile to your face. The happiness you feel when recalling those memories doesn’t fade over time. It’s in experiences, and those you share them with, that happiness is truly found. Which is why you should spend your money on experiences, not things.

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Yet, so many of us are still spending our extra money on material things that will sit on a shelf or be used for a time but ultimately forgotten about. Often, it’s because we see vacations as fleeting. It’s purchasing time, and when that time is over you have no tangible object to show for your money. However, the memories you make on your vacation and those moments you’ll look back at over the years will always mean more to you than an object.


When you hear someone talk about their bucket list, their greatest desires and the dreams they hope will one day come true, you’ll notice that acquiring objects is rarely listed. It’s filled with places they would like to go and things they hope to do. When we really think about our time on earth we want to see more of it, experience what life truly is, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Seeing the Seven Wonders of the World, walking along a beach in Greece, parasailing in the Bahamas, or riding on the London Eye will bring you more happiness than a new flat screen TV or the latest phone ever will.

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