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Bridal Guide offers picks for the top Caribbean and European honeymoon spots – plus, these ideas for Amsterdam and Las Vegas recommends Turks & Caicos for honeymoons (it offers beaches and puppies!) …


BRIDES gives advice about planning a DW (“hiring a dedicated travel agent to help guests coordinate their itineraries” is one of the tips!) – and, it suggests U.S. honeymoon spots that are “sunny and Zika free”



This writer begs her readers to plan DWs (listing the reasons why DWs make so much sense for many couples) …


Vogue says you should cancel your current wedding plans and elope to the Maldives


Here’s a rundown of etiquette rules for engagement parties


Finally, what are the latest wedding trends? Puppies and kittens, pizzas and In-N-Out burgers, and ceremonies inside a retired Boeing 767 airplane

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