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When you’re setting out on an adventure you want to be sure you’re well-prepared. Your packing essentials might differ from destination to destination or even based on the things you have planned for each trip. Avoid unnecessary costs by following these tips on building an affordable travel-ready wardrobe. 

Investing in Classics

There are a few staple items that make up the cornerstone of a lasting and flexible wardrobe. Owning flexible items means that you are getting your money’s worth out of your closet and you aren’t having to go buy new clothing before every trip. Whether you’re a business traveler or an explorer, you know your essentials better than anyone else. By investing in items you need that never go out of style, you can skip refreshing your travel wardrobe as trends change. The casual wanderer can’t go wrong with a comfortable pair of jeans, while the business woman can always rely on a crisp white button-up. Check out these classic fashion pieces for inspiration on trends that won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Thrift Shopping

No matter how many classics you have built in to your wardrobe, there may come a time when you need to make an addition for a specific trip or occasion. A great way to save money when this arises is to consider shopping secondhand. Not only is it better for the environment than buying brand new, but it is great for your wallet. While it might seem difficult to shop at a consignment store when you are on the lookout for something in particular as it can sometimes be hit or miss, there’s always the option of online thrifting when you know exactly what you want. With online secondhand retailers such as thredUP, it’s as easy as typing in the brand you want or sorting by the clothing item you’re in need of. 

Versatility Essentials

While you’re building a wardrobe that’s ready for anything it’s also important that they can be mixed and matched. Clothing that gives you a number of options also gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Why buy more clothing to put together outfits when you could be saving up for your next big adventure? Finding versatile clothes is the way to go. Choosing solid-colored basics ensures that more of the separate pieces will match. Within this vein of versatility, you’ll also want to make sure some of your outfits can be tweaked to be dressed up or down given your plans. Having a leather jacket to throw on is a great way to take a simple day outfit to a night out in the new city. Or rather, packing trusty black leggings that can go from staying comfortable on a guided walking tour to the exploration of historical museums. It can also be helpful to combine needs. If you think you might need a light jacket for example, you might consider investing in a raincoat that can serve for either purpose depending on the weather.

Keep a Journal

Nothing quite like the experiences of travel to know exactly what you’re missing or how you can improve your clothing selection. However, at the end of the trip you’re much more likely to be thinking about all the people you met, places you got to see and the memories you made. Whether you use a traditional journal or open up a new note on your phone, logging your very own tips is a sure fire way to improve your travel wardrobe. This can be a savings because you’ll be making purchases that you know you need rather than buying items on a whim. 

Hit the Sales

If you can keep a journal or list of clothing you know will come in handy for future travels it makes it even easier to save your money. When you see a sale is going on you can go check it out for any of the items on your list. Knowing the exact things you’re shopping for before going into a sale can help you from doing any unnecessary splurging as well. Sales are a great time to shop for seasonal items that need to be replaced. Postseason sales are always nice because they are easily anticipated, and the beauty of traveling is that one place’s winter is another place’s summer. Don’t pay full price for something when you can shop sales and keep the difference for your travel funds!

Before you start packing for your next trip, check out our tips to help you pack light.

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