The recent trend of taking volunteer vacations allows travelers to immerse themselves in local culture while lending a helping hand in the volunteer location of their choice. Often times, these types of organized trips are only available in developing countries where threats to your personal safety are abundant. If you have considered taking your family on a volunteer vacation, but haven’t done so because of safety concerns, there are other options.


We will be hosting a safe family volunteer vacation to the Dominican Republic aboard Fathom Cruise line. The eight-day trip departs from Miami, Florida on March 12th, 2017. You and your family will sail from Miami to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic where you will enjoy the local landscapes and culture and volunteer for three days before your departure. Our volunteers may partake in a variety of projects that contribute to Dominican society. Some past examples include planting and maintaining seedlings at a local cacao nursery and helping Dominican entrepreneurs make artisanal chocolate.


Although the Dominican Republic is safe for travelers and volunteers, you will still need to learn about best practices for visitors and be briefed about your volunteer project. While you and your family are sailing to Puerto Plata, you will not only have the opportunity to enjoy leisurely onboard activities, but you will go through orientation and training based on your volunteer project, so you can gain the most from your volunteer experience. You will also get the chance to mingle and bond with fellow volunteers that share the same worldview.

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