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Barefoot Kuata, Fiji

Whether by seaplane or catamaran, your trip to the Barefoot Kuata Resort, on Kuata Island at the gateway to Fiji’s Yasawa Islands will be an unforgettable one. The Barefoot is a peaceful, simple, and ecologically conscious resort with all the best amenities. Whether you want to lay on the beach, go scuba diving, or experience a traditional Fijian cultural tour, the Barefoot offers it all. 

With Fiji only three hours from New Zealand, and four from Australia, the Barefoot Kuata Resort is a perfect spot to add on to an adventure in the region. Perhaps a wedding in Australia and a honeymoon in Fiji?

While you’re here you must make time for the Awakening shark dive. Take an early morning catamaran to their site to visit the local Bull sharks, Lemon sharks, Tawny Nurse sharks, Reef sharks, and even Silver tips. This is the perfect opportunity to see some beautiful sharks in a gorgeous setting. It may take a bit of courage to hop in the water, but once you experience it you will be glad you did. 

Of course once finished there will be a buffet lunch and cold beer to give you a chance to talk about the experience with all your new dive buddies.

The Barefoot also offers great chances to give something back to Fiji by joining in on their conservation dives with their full time onsite marine biologists to help with a variety of projects from removal of the invasive crown of thorns starfish to working on larger marine park projects. Who doesn’t love the idea of leaving the beauty of Fiji a little nicer than when you got there? And perhaps learning something and making a friend or two along the way!

Whether you are looking for dorms, rooms or whole Bures to you and your family, the Barefoot Kuata Resort is an easy choice for Fijian fun.

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