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Aruba, a dream wedding destination.

Are you imagining a tiny one-on-one ceremony on a perfect, immaculate beach all to yourselves, or a ballroom event with 550 of your closest friends

Perhaps something in between?

Regardless of the ceremony you have been thinking of, Aruba has something grand to offer for everyone. And, yes, they are inclusive for those of you looking for an LGBTQ+ ceremony as well. Aruba is widely considered to be one of the most LGBTQ+ islands in the Caribbean.

Thanks to Aruba’s southern Caribbean location, you have endless choice for your honeymoon as well. You may want to stay in your resort for your honeymoon, head across the island for a new spot, or jet off to a new destination. The entirety of the Caribbean as well as gorgeous spots in Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica, are just a few hours away. 

This means the wide variety of options on Aruba, are far from your only choices if you want greater variety in your destination wedding and honeymoon combo. 

Whether you are hoping for a picturesque all-inclusive resort for you and your wedding party, or a casino destination to double-down on your lucky trip, or perhaps a great golf course to keep everybody busy before the ceremony, Aruba is here to shine. 

So what makes Aruba unique?

First and foremost is a dream for those of you who love diving, or have always been interested but haven’t made the time to learn yet. 

Aruba offers some of the greatest wreck diving in the whole Caribbean. 

Who doesn’t fall in love with the idea of swimming among the beautiful tropical fish while exploring the remains of ships torn apart by storms many years ago? There’s just something that brings out the inner Jacques Cousteau in everyone. 

For those concerned about weather ruining the perfect trip, Aruba has some good news again. Thanks to its Southern placement in the Caribbean, it’s one of the drier and more consistent climates available. Most hurricanes that occur in the Caribbean don’t reach Aruba thanks to its lucky placement, so your travel plans aren’t likely at risk, regardless of what time of year you visit. 

And of course, the natural beauty. 

Aruba’s white-sand beaches are amazing and ring the island with perfect water activities wherever you are, but they’re not the only natural gem here. 

The epic Arikok National Park which covers about 20 percent of the island is home to tons of unspoiled land for you to explore and experience. Filled to the brim with wildlife, cacti, boulders, and even native paintings to see, Arikok is a gem not to miss on your trip to Aruba.