Winter is perhaps the most underrated wedding season. While most couples dream of sunny summer ceremonies, autumn foliage pictures, or spring garden wedding, winter gets less attention. Some couples, however, recognize the untapped potential of a winter wedding. Think snowy mountains, hot chocolate bars, toasts given by the cozy fireplace, gorgeous garland, and rich wedding colors.

Whether you’re drawn to snowy peaks, chapels draped with a dusting of snow, a wedding party snowshoeing adventure, or enjoying a warm beverage by the fireplace, these romantic touches might be just what you’re looking for in a winter wedding. A destination winter wedding may be in your own state or maybe you’re heading to the mountains of France, Switzerland, Canada, or the US. All offer their own unique elements that all guests are sure to enjoy and remember for a lifetime.

If you’re considering a winter wedding, here are our favorite tips for making the occasion the event of your dreams during this underrated season.

Highlight the Season

A winter wedding is an opportunity to highlight the season with colors like emerald, burgundy, navy, black and rose gold. Winter foliage creates some wonderful wedding decor — garlands, holly and mistletoe can all be added to the floral elements and centerpieces of a romantic and cozy winter wedding.

Although these locations don’t get many hours of sunlight per day, a winter wedding in Alaska, northern Canada, Iceland, Norway, or Sweden, would offer up opportunities to see the northern lights, stay in an ice hotel, or a romantic glass dome watching the lights dance or the snow fall of a cloudy night. Most of these destinations have seen an increase in tourism over the past few years, so your destination wedding in one of these locations may just be the number one travel spot your guests were hoping to visit, anyway.

Keep Warm and Cozy

The cold weather doesn’t have to be a negative to a winter wedding, but rather a fun way to play with clothing options as well as wedding favors for your guests. Leaving guests a welcome basket in their room is a great way to make sure your guests are comfortable and excited for the festivities to come. For a winter event, this could include fun items like cozy socks, gloves, or an umbrella is rain or heavy snow is in the forecast.

For the wedding party, go with accents that ensure everyone will stay warm for pictures and the ceremony. Shawls, stoles, hats and gloves can not only keep your friends and family warm, but make for a seasonal addition to your wedding.

Add in Wintery Treats

While weddings in warm weather usually call for refreshingly cold drinks and lighter dining menus, a winter wedding opens the door to unique warm drinks and hearty foods. A hot chocolate bar with whipped cream, marshmallows, and candy canes will please every kid attending your wedding, and will probably delight most adults as well. Mulled wine, eggnog, or fun additions to your champagne toast like cranberries or pomegranate are a few other ideas we love. If your wedding will have kids in attendance, consider a fun cookie decorating station with frosting and sprinkles.

For food options think of warm comfort foods. You could even opt for a take on a traditional Christmas dinner. Some of our favorite other ideas are salmon pot pies, roasts with potatoes and carrots, or a classic turkey and gravy feast.

Consider a Holiday Soiree

If you’re looking into getting married during the winter season, consider if you two like the idea of turning it into a holiday celebration. Although it needs to be planned far in advance, a wedding held over the Christmas season, on New Year’s Eve, or near Valentine’s Day can be a perfect opportunity to gather family and friends for this unforgettable occasion.

Many churches decorate with lights and beautiful Christmas trees for the holiday season, making the setting unique from the rest of the year and something seasonally special. A New Year’s Eve wedding may take a bit more planning to pull off, but the result will certainly be the party of the year, giving friends and family the perfect way to ring in the new year. For this, we recommend a resort that can accommodate the ceremony, reception, and provide rooms for guests to eliminate any need for driving that evening or a long wait for a taxi.

Hate Snow, Winter, and Being Cold?

We totally understand. Some people are sun bunnies while others flourish in the low temps of winter. If you’d rather never experience temps below 60, you can still have a wonderful winter wedding. In a destination that is either closer to the equator, or on the southern side where it’s the summer season. Some excellent destinations for a warm and tropical winter wedding include the Caribbean, Mexico, Thailand, and Indonesia, to name only a few of our favorites.

Even if you’ve opted for a winter wonderland wedding, the honeymoon could take you somewhere tropical, if desired. Check out our favorite spots to honeymoon in December, January, and February. The opposition of a snowy wedding followed by a beach honeymoon gives you the best of both worlds.

Thinking a Winter Wedding?

Whether you’re staying in the United States or journeying abroad, we’re here to help you plan the wedding of your dreams, regardless of the season. We love the uniqueness that each season brings to a wedding. Get in touch with us, and we’ll take the stress out of planning your wedding.


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