If you’re looking for a way to celebrate your partner, forget the jewelry. Instead, create an experience that’s full of adventure, relaxation, and/or romance. Experiences can shine far brighter than diamonds.


There are plenty of reasons you might spend a large chunk of salary on a glistening diamond ring, pendant, or bracelet. It could be for an anniversary or a birthday. It could just be a token of the love and gratitude you have. And while expensive jewelry can be quite the gesture, it can’t bring the quality of life that a vacation provides.


The next time you decide to take a trip to the jeweler and hand over a wad of cash, consider doing something a little different. Give the love of your life a piece of true happiness with an unforgettable experience. It’s a near guarantee that she’ll appreciate stepping away from ordinary life for a bit. After all, diamonds have many limitations. Consider these:

  • Diamonds can’t relieve the stressors of everyday life and work.
  • Diamonds can’t show you the world.
  • Diamonds can’t immerse you in different cultures.
  • Diamonds can’t take you snorkeling or on safari.
  • Diamonds can’t give you the sensations that toes in the sand, cool ocean breezes, or exciting festivals provide.


Fortunately, well-planned vacations can do these things. And the memories they help you and your loved one make will always remain priceless. So, skip traditional, expected, material jewelry and plan a perfect getaway for any occasion.

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