Volunteer vacations are experiencing considerable popularity as of late, particularly with those who desire to see the world while giving back. With Fathom’s impact travel, individuals and families have the opportunity to learn another culture, work alongside like-minded travelers and locals to bring about social change, and transform everyone who participates in a positive way.

While there are, indeed, several benefits, here are the top 5 reasons to take a volunteer vacation with Fathom:

Learn about and Develop Appreciation for a New Country, People, and Culture


Traveling is among the best forms of education to broaden one’s horizons and learn about a different country’s people and culture. Exploring diversity while immersed in another land provides far more appreciation than simply reading about it. Similarly, helping others promotes education and personal growth. Every day on a volunteer vacation provides opportunities for learning from concrete skills such as a new language to building schools and health clinics to exploring specific customs.

Appreciate the Importance of Giving Back

Volunteers planting a tree together

A volunteer vacation provides the entire family with a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of giving back. Contributing to the greater good is an extremely rewarding endeavor and one that strengthens family bonding and promotes individual and collective growth.

Enjoy a Truly Unique Experience with Memories to Last a Lifetime


Regardless of whether you travel to the Dominican Republic, Cuba, or elsewhere, this vacation will be unlike any other, devoid of tourist traps and rich with culture, diversity, and native people. Instead of reminiscing about Disney World or a Mexico cruise, your memories will be far more satisfying like teaching English to children, building a school where there wasn’t one, protecting nature, or cultivating lifelong friendships with others you likely would have never met.

Support the Communities you Visit


A responsible volunteer vacation company like Fathom ensures that your tourist dollars directly help the people and economy of your destination, from promoting decent jobs to improving education and health to supporting local businesses. An added benefit is the ability to truly connect with other people and develop a greater appreciation for humanity.

Become a Better Person


Participating in strengthening the collective good in an unfamiliar country will not only challenge you mentally and physically, but will also facilitate your growth, cultivate inspiration, and foster personal empowerment.

For more information or to book one of our life-changing volunteer vacations, please contact us.

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