We are a society of collectors. We buy large houses with large garages so that we can fill them with things. As we accumulate objects, our quality of life can suffer. More things don’t make us happy. Living a full, rich life makes us happy.


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Quality Vs. Quantity

We need certain things. Food, shelter, and transportation are on most people’s lists of necessities. But if we look at our lives, how many objects have brought us long-term happiness that resonates for years? Not many. Extensive wardrobes, high-priced television services, expensive furniture, and the latest model SUV with all the amenities are short-term pleasures. They drain our wallets and leave little for anything else. When we surround ourselves with lots of material things, they serve as a veil of comfort and status. Instead of buying more and more items, save your money for experiences that will increase the quality of your life and make you truly happy.


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Experiences are Unbreakable

Most things that we buy either break, end up lost or stolen, wear out, go out of style, or end up in storage, forgotten. Experiences last forever. Whether it’s visiting a local museum, watching sunsets in Fiji or snorkeling in Australia, you can’t lose it during a move or break it while dusting a shelf. Those experiences will stick with you until the end of your days. By getting away from things, traveling, interacting with other cultures, and creating memories, we see the true priceless value of life versus the limited value of material objects.

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