A destination wedding offers many benefits for couples: you get to have a beautiful wedding in a scenic location, bond with your family and friends, and can even combine your wedding and honeymoon to save money and cut down on planning stress.

At Awaken Travels we love destination weddings, but one thing that can be slightly tricky is the bride’s beauty and makeup. Thanks to the humidity and water at most tropical destinations, not to mention limited suitcase space to bring all your favorite beauty and makeup products, looking gorgeous on your wedding day presents extra challenges when you opt for a destination wedding. Never fear, however- we have 7 easy tricks and tips that will ensure you look amazing at your destination wedding:

Opt for a Light, Beachy Look

7 Tricks for Looking Extra Gorgeous for Your Destination Wedding

It’s a great idea to match your wedding look to your surroundings and opt for a light, beachy look for your hair and makeup. You will be more comfortable in the hot, humid weather if you don’t pile on elaborate makeup that may melt and smear in the sun. Loose, romantic waves, a romantic side braid, or a simple updo with floral details will look gorgeous while being easy to pull off even in the most tropical climate.

Hire Local Professionals

7 Tricks for Looking Extra Gorgeous for Your Destination Wedding

Hiring professionals to do your hair and makeup will ensure you look your best, eliminate stress on the wedding day, and save you time. Plus, local professionals will know the best tricks and products to make you look amazing in their climate. Ask your wedding planner or resort for stylist and makeup artist recommendations, and be sure to check reviews before you hire anyone.

Plan for a Hair and Makeup Trial

7 Tricks for Looking Extra Gorgeous for Your Destination Wedding

If you were getting married in your own city, you would most likely schedule a hair and makeup trial weeks or even months before the wedding to make sure you love your wedding day look and to make any adjustments as needed. You don’t have the luxury of tons of time when you get married overseas, but you can still plan your schedule to allow for a hair and makeup trial. Even if you just schedule it for a day or two before the wedding, it will still give you a chance to adjust your look and communicate anything you don’t love to your stylists.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

7 Tricks for Looking Extra Gorgeous for Your Destination Wedding

Salt water and sunshine can dry out your skin in the days before your wedding. Counteract this by drinking plenty of water (more than you would back home), using rich shea butter lotion, and using sunblock whenever you’re on the beach. Moisturizing sheet masks can keep your face looking dewy and supple and don’t take up much space in your bag.

Be Wary of SPF on the Wedding Day

7 Tricks for Looking Extra Gorgeous for Your Destination Wedding

If you happen to be fair-skinned, you definitely want to wear sunblock with high SPF during your trip since no bride wants to deal with a sunburn. SPF in makeup can sometimes make you appear ghostly white in photos, however. Choose a foundation with a lower SPF for the wedding day itself and consider buying a special “photo ready” or HD foundation, like Makeup Forever’s HD Foundation. Try to stay out of the sun as much as possible on your actual wedding day, perhaps by planning for a sunset ceremony or protecting your skin with a lace bridal parasol.

Indulge in Special Beauty Treatments Before You Leave

7 Tricks for Looking Extra Gorgeous for Your Destination Wedding

Sometimes the beauty choices you make before you even leave on your trip will make a huge difference in how gorgeous you look and feel for your destination wedding. If you are worried about unruly, frizzy hair thanks to ocean breezes and humidity, you may want to try a deep conditioning treatment or keratin blowout the week before your wedding. Eyelash extensions are waterproof, look great in photos, and will allow you to skip the mascara. A spray tan a day or two before you leave will give you a golden beach glow minus the skin damage.

Pack Travel and Sample Size Beauty Products


It’s a good idea to stock up on travel and sample sizes of your favorite beauty products so you don’t feel beauty-deprived on your trip. Don’t forget special items like a setting spray for your wedding makeup, a mini high humidity hairspray, and a travel size portion of a romantic perfume.

For more ideas and help planning the destination wedding or honeymoon of your dreams, please get in touch today.

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