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Congratulations on the upcoming addition to your family! One of the most exciting moments of your life is just a few months away. And perhaps the most sleep deprived. But regardless, we hope you’re ecstatic and can’t wait for this wonderful and joyous occasion. Aside from the showers and parties, we think it’s a great idea to include a babymoon trip with your celebration.

Vacations as you know them will look and feel a bit different with your new addition. At least for a while. Of course, vacationing with children is absolutely amazing and thoroughly rewarding. There’s really no other feeling like showing the world to your children and watching them experience your favorite places and things for the first time!

But it can also feel great to have one last big hurrah before you start on the next phase of your life. This is where the babymoon comes into play. Celebrating the next big step in your relationship, and the beginning of your new family. Think of it like a sort of reverse honeymoon. A babymoon is a celebration of a fantastic new step in your relationship, you just do the celebrating before the actual event instead of once you’re preoccupied with a newborn. You know, because logistics and stuff.

couple dancing together on a babymoon

The logistics of your babymoon

You’re probably in a whirl of questions of when, where, how, for how long, and budget.

A great starting point is to consider what you did for your honeymoon. What did you dream of doing?  What do you wish you had done differently? Did you have a hard time picking between two choices? Perhaps you and your partner each had your own ideas and one of you got more of what you wanted than the other? 

These are all great places to start when planning the perfect babymoon. 

Think of it like a second chance for the perfect honeymoon. You’ve done it once, now you know what you are doing and have the experience to make it that much better this time. 

Of course your honeymoon will always be a special day in your hearts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t aim for your babymoon to be even better! 

When you should take a babymoon

The beautiful thing about the babymoon is there really are no traditional rules on when this is done, unlike a honeymoon. 

The best plan for timing is whenever the mother feels the best. Generally speaking, the sweet spot would be the second trimester. But, everyone is different. The first trimester can be rough with morning sickness for many, and the third trimester can be a struggle for flying, and general comfort. But, whatever feels right for you is the answer. There is no strict rule. This could also change depending on how you’d be getting to your babymoon destination.

And of course, just as with any other vacation, don’t forget to consider the weather in your destination. Some would not wish a hot and sweaty beach vacation while seven-months pregnant on their worst enemy. Others can’t wait to sweat out the toxins of everyday life and float weightless in the ocean for hours as they prepare mentally for the miracle of life that is soon to occur. 

Is a babymoon just a first baby thing?

No way! Once again, it can be easier to plan a big crazy blowout babymoon if you don’t already have kids, but that doesn’t mean it is just for the first. Maybe you just take a week and drive to a nearby resort to relax. Or maybe you do take off on a huge trip halfway around the world to a gorgeous all-inclusive beach destination. Already having a kid is no problem. 

In fact, we believe a babymoon is a perfect way to get your child or children excited about the next child. 

Make it a tradition of your family to all travel together and celebrate the excitement of adding a new member to the family while celebrating the family you already have. 

A babymoon is a perfect way to make time to talk with your children about the coming of a new child. You can use this opportunity to explain the body, pregnancy, and anatomy if you so choose. 

It’s also a great opportunity to address any fears or misunderstandings that your children may have about what a new child will mean for the family and themselves. Children can have creative imaginations, so it is nice to have conversations that allow them to open up and learn more. A babymoon is a great setting for this since the focus is on the family. For some reason, chatting about concerns in an overwater bungalow just feels better.

Most importantly, babymoons are for you to celebrate the growth of your family and the coming of a new child. So, celebrate however you see fit!

Create traditions of your own to pass down to your children, or just have a fun adventure! The itinerary is totally up to you and your fam.

Some general tips for the best results:

Take it easy. You probably already know that being pregnant can be taxing on the body. It might be best to plan for a few relaxing days off. If you’ve already planned to allow for them, you’re likely to have a far better and more peaceful trip. 

Listen to your body. If you need to rest, rest. Spread out your major activities over days so you have downtime to keep healthy and not get too worn out.

If you’re travelling internationally, make sure your healthcare covers you fully where you are going in case you need anything while you’re travelling. Consider additional travel insurance to supplement your existing coverage if needed.

Research nearby healthcare facilities or urgent care and how to best get there. It never hurts to know where things are just in case. It helps with peace of mind and who knows what other injury could occur like a cannonball into the pool gone wrong from your adventurous son!

Ready to plan your celebratory babymoon?

Your babymoon should be a relaxing and refreshing time to enjoy life in its current state. Get in touch with us and let us know some details of what type of babymoon you’re interested in taking and we’ll plan the rest! It doesn’t get any less stressful than hiring professionals to plan your perfect babymoon. Let’s get planning!

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