The world is more connected than ever, which makes it easier to learn about the multitude of issues facing people all over the world. For example, the beautiful country of the Dominican Republic has a 40% poverty rate, and 3 million residents don’t have access to piped water. However, just clicking the share button or signing an online petition can feel like a pointless gesture when compared to the serious nature of such problems. If you have ever felt this way, read on! There are ways you can make a real, lasting impact on the lives of disadvantaged people. It is called Impact Travel, and it combines cultural immersion and sustainable development with the ease and fun of modern cruise line travel.


Still not convinced? Here more reasons to take a volunteer vacation to the Dominican Republic with Fathom.

  • Fathom partners with two impact organizations, Entrena and IDDI, who both have deep, long-established roots in the local community. These organizations work directly with the local community to identify and address the community’s most pressing needs. Your work will continue to echo long after you return home.
  • You can put your individual talents and skills to work. Volunteers work on a variety of projects related to education, economic development and the environment. You can choose to work in the areas that best fit your interests.
  • You’ll work closely alongside both locals and fellow volunteers, and form bonds through your shared passions.
  • You will participate in thorough training and cultural immersion activities on the ship and after initial arrival in the Dominican Republic. This includes deliciously prepared Dominican food both on the ship and during your stay on the island.
  • Fathom will help you bring your new knowledge and experience back to your own community. No need to be a “slacktavist” ever again!

Does this sound like an incredible experience? Contact us for more information on booking Impact Travel journeys to the Dominican Republic!

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