Bridal Guide recommends hotels around the world with the most amazing views.

Yahoo! says Millennials are killing off these wedding traditions. shares wedding etiquette questions that many people are afraid to ask.

Destination I Do captures the latest trends in bridal jewelry.

Check out this amazing wedding reception flash mob.

This couple added an incentive to encourage early wedding RSVPs: Miss the deadline, and you’d better bring your own chair and sandwich.

Croatia may be the next “it” destination for honeymoons, according to BRIDES.

Share these honeymoon tips from Bridal Guide with your couples for taking perfect photos and looking their best on the trip.

These etiquette experts share advice for your couples who plan to use wedding registries.

This article suggests ways that Millennials are changing the traditional wedding planning process.

This couple had a happy surprise during their ceremony: Baby turtles chose that time to emerge from the sand nearby.

BRIDES explains who pays for what at destination weddings – and, it suggests the 10 honeymoon photos every couple should take. recommends a day-of breakfast or morning tea with bridesmaids as a new tradition – plus, it offers this list of people you don’t need to invite to your wedding.

This couple tied the knot on the 50-yard line in the National Football League’s first-ever halftime wedding.

A family of raccoons photobombed this California couple’s wedding photo shoot.

The Motley Fool suggests five budget-friendly destination wedding locations.

Here’s a list of five reasons to plan a destination wedding in Ireland (plus a top-10 list of the most exclusive wedding venues in Ireland).

The Belfast Castle in Northern Ireland is a wonderful choice for a destination wedding. Photo: Andrew Hurley via flickr.

BRIDES recommends six top resorts for destination weddings in Mexico.

17 brides revealed what they spent on their honeymoons in this article.

Who walks when in the typical wedding ceremony? Here are lists from Bridal Guide.

There’s an art to your couples’ asking for time off from work for their honeymoons, explains.

This Texas groom actually robbed a bank to pay for the wedding venue and ring.

Bridal Guide suggests honeymoons in Bali and these eight spots for luxury honeymoons.

Bali honeymoon
Bali has amazing villas for your honeymoon, some of which overlook serene rice paddies. covers the 15 biggest bridal fashion trends this fall.

This bride ordered a peacock-themed cake from a bakery, but she described the final product as a “lopsided turkey with leprosy.”

Finally, this bride chose four grandmas in her family to serve as her flower girls.

Where is your honeymoon or destination wedding taking you?

We’d love to help you plan the most magical and stress-free event! Get in touch with us and we’ll do all the planning. Check out our destination guides for some inspiration. Then just pack your bags and get to the airport. We’ll take care of the rest!


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