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I had the privilege to stay at Majestic Mirage Resort & Spa in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for 3 nights in June 2017. I was also able to do a complete inspection of the other two Majestic Properties, Colonial and Elegance during my stay.

What I Loved

  • All Suite Resort (large spacious rooms)
  • New Modern Design
  • Full Mini Bar & Snacks in Room
  • Top of the Line Toiletry & Grooming Supplies
  • Butler Service
  • 24 Hour Room Service
  • Wonderful Staff
  • Nice Beach
  • Beautiful Wedding Locations
  • Robust Kids Program
  • 24 Hour Entertainment
  • Free Lobster (Most Resorts Charge Extra)
  • Special Gifts From Staff During Stay
  • Large Buffet
  • al la carte Breakfast & Lunch Options

What Was OK

  • Tub on Balcony (Not very private)
  • Food (Some food was great and some was just OK)
  • Service Can Be Slow
  • English is not Spoken by all Staff
  • No Exchange Privileges Between the 3 Resorts (Even though they are side by side)
  • Not Adults Only (Do Have Adult Only Areas of Resort Though)

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay at the Majestic Mirage and would recommend it to my clients who are looking for a nice quality resort with lots of extras without having to pay the luxury prices. The only clients I would hesitate sending there and to most All Inclusive Resorts in the Dominican Republic would be Foodies. The food quality overall at the resorts in the DR is not great. I was told this before I traveled there and found it true. If you go and eat local Dominican Food and Seafood, then the food is very good. I quickly learned what to get at the buffet and what to avoid. The Dominican Republic is a better destination for the more adventuresome and easy-going personality. Sometime language will be a barrier if you don’t speak Spanish and sometimes the food and drinks won’t be as good as you think they should be. The country has so much more to offer than just food though so if you can overlook that small detail, you will love visiting the Dominican Republic and I recommend staying at a Majestic Property.

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