Volunteer vacations offer rich opportunities for parents to teach their children many lessons about the world. These rewarding experiences and teachable moments are not often found by staying at a luxury beach resorts or taking large group tours. Here are three reasons why a volunteer vacation is the perfect family vacation:

1. Cultural Immersion


When you take your family on a volunteer vacation you will work alongside locals.  This gives you and your family the opportunity to have a richer understanding of the culture that you visit by skipping typical tourist activities, engaging with locals and often times sharing meals with locals. Additionally, many volunteer locations  are not in tourist areas, so you will see remote areas of the world that you would not otherwise visit.

2. Being Unplugged


Many adults and most children are plugged into cell phones, laptops, e-readers and notebooks a good majority of their week. Taking a volunteer vacation forces you and your family to unplug. Not only will you have the opportunity to strengthen your family bond by focusing on your task, but kids who are used to having all the newest gizmos and gadgets may learn that they don’t need these things to be happy. They will also see the importance of being part of a community and how a sense of community can inspire each of us to make the world a better place by working together.

3. Empathy

Different hands form a tower

Many volunteer programs take place in underserved and impoverished communities where daily necessities such as food and shelter are valued more than education. This lack of education often results in these communities having a high risk for things such as unplanned pregnancies, violence and diseases. When you volunteer in these communities, you give your children the chance to develop compassion and understanding for others who are struggling because of the conditions in which they live.

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